David Blaine Stunt Channels The Power Of Electricity

David Blaine’s latest stunt will find the accomplished illusionist attempting to withstand the intense power of electricity, according to the Associated Press. Starting next Friday, Blaine will position himself in the middle of several electrical currents that are generated by a series of tesla coils. The event will last for three whole days, a stunt that will require Blaine to be on high alert the entire time.

“Electrified: One Million Volts Always On” will take place at Pier 54 on the West Side of New York City. Spectators are encouraged to attend the event as the latest David Blaine stunt will require some help from everyday men and women. Since the illusionist will be essentially trapped by these electrical currents for three days, chances are he’ll need someone to help him stay focused, alert, and, most importantly, awake.

The New York Daily News reports that David Blaine will don a suit of chainmail armor in order to protect himself from the dangerous electrical currents that will be dancing around his person during the entire stunt. Additionally, Blaine will wear a wire helmet, shoes with metal soles, and a nifty visor designed to protect his eyes.

Although he’s taking numerous precautions in order to prepare for the worst possible scenario, David Blaine admits that he’s not sure what could happen during this particular stunt.

“Being in an electromagnetic field for that long, we don’t know what it’ll do,” the illusionist explained. “I hope it gives me some special abilities to shoot electricity from my fingers.”

Despite the number of stunts David Blaine has attempted in the past, which includes dangling over New York’s Central Park without a net, he explained that it will be extremely hard to top this particular stunt in terms of danger and scope.

“I don’t know how I could ever top this,” he said to the AP. “This is an overly-ambitious idea, and I’m literally shocked that it came together. This is one of the craziest things that I ever dreamed up, and I don’t know how I could go beyond it.”

What do you think of David Blaine’s latest stunt?