‘Pokemon GO’ Plus Tips: Hints On How To Use The Latest Pokemon Addition, Plus Where To Buy It

Pokemon GO Plus has officially hit the market, and anyone looking for tips on how to use the latest addition to the wildly popular game — or just looking for where to buy Pokemon GO Plus — can find the answers here.

On Friday, the biggest physical addition for Pokemon GO was released to stores, a device that allows players to delve into the game without having to bring their mobile phone along.

The new device is something of more of a fitness app and less of a Pokemon title, Forbes noted. The report also gave users a tip on the best way to use Pokemon GO Plus.

“It’s a numbers game, mostly: it’s not great for catching Pokémon, and it won’t catch any Pokémon not already in your Pokédex. It will, however, track distance, and that’s mostly what I’ll be using it for: acquiring candies from my buddy system and hatching eggs. It’s a nice, low key way to stay engaged with the game when you don’t want to be staring down at your phone the whole time, which I’ve begun to get somewhat tired of.”

The gameplay for Pokemon GO Plus is pretty straightforward. It allows users to catch Pokemon directly through the device, which vibrates and lights up green when there is one nearby. The user can then try to catch the Pokemon by pressing the device’s button. If they were successful, the device lights up in rainbow colors, Game Rant noted. If they fail, it lights up in red.

Users will also be able to find PokeStops easier with the Pokemon GO Plus, which lights up in blue when they are near one. Collecting items is the same function as catching Pokemon, Game Rant reported, just tapping the button in the center.

The biggest perk for Pokemon GO Plus is its ability to allow the user to play without putting a major strain on their phone’s battery and a big suck on their mobile data. Players have needed to keep the game running to measure distance toward egg hatching, but now the new device will allow their phone to get a break.

It’s not entirely clear how big a market the device will find. Though Pokemon GO itself is one of the most popular apps of all time, it has trailed off since it burst onto the scene in July and the game itself could soon hit a wall. With fall approaching and cool weather already setting in across many parts of the country, the game that encourages people to get outside and walk around could go into a bit of hibernation during the cold months.


While the device has been very popular, finding where to buy Pokemon GO Plus has also been a bit of a challenge. The device, which costs $34.99, has been sold out of pre-orders for weeks. As Polygon noted, it’s been spotty finding out exactly which stores actually had it in stock.

“Digging around a bit on our own we found that pre-orders of the device were sold out at Amazon and GameStop, though you could pick up the $35 trinket for more than $100 on eBay. Amazon third-party sellers were also selling the device for triple or more its price tag.

“This morning we found a line of folks waiting to get their hands on the Nintendo World Store’s limited supplies in New York City.”

Forbes dug a bit deeper into where to buy Pokemon GO Plus, noting that Gamestop appears to be the best bet as it has a bigger supply than other retailers. Those who want to see if Gamestop in their area has Pokemon GO Plus can click here.

Those looking for tips on where to buy Pokemon GO Plus will have to show a bit of patience, Polygon noted. The report found that Nintendo only put out a “short supply” of the device, meaning it will remain hard to find through into 2017.

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