Batman Day 2016: Here Are All The Ways, Events, And Places To Honor To The Caped Crusader On Batman Day

He is perhaps one of the most idolized and cherished heroes in the world and not just on the pages of comic books. That is exactly why he gets his own day and on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016, it will be “Batman Day” which can be celebrated in your own brooding style. Don’t go out and try to fight crime on your own, but look around for Batman celebrations, Batman events, new comics, or some other way to celebrate the Caped Crusader.

DC Comics reminded the world that Saturday is indeed Batman Day, and it is something that should be celebrated by people around the world. Not only are there going to be events in the United States, but international happenings are taking place as well.

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Batman Day is to simply sit somewhere peaceful with a stack of comic books or an e-reader and just enjoy the adventures. Read stories such as “A Death in the Family” or “The Long Halloween” or “The Killing Joke.”

There is a huge sale going on at DC Comics that has numerous Batman titles discounted through Sept. 19. You can stock up to read them on Saturday or save them for a later date so you can hope that Batman Day arrives soon again.

For those looking to do a little bit more than just read comics, there are going to be Batman Day events as far as the eye can see. California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York have some great Batman Day events with big time talent available for you to meet and get autographs from.

You can also check locally with your comic book shops or libraries to see if they have anything planned if you can’t hop on a plane or don’t have your own Batwing or flying capabilities.

According to Batman-News, there will be thousands of bookstores, schools, and comic book retailers having their own events. Some will be able to bring in Batman talent from the comics, video games, and movies so don’t miss out on a chance to meet some idols.

Some places may even offer up some freebies by way of books or DVDs so don’t waste time in one location. Have a full list of the events in your area before heading out aimlessly. Know your route and make a strategic plan like you know Batman would do in the Batcave before scouring Gotham for the evening.


If you don’t feel like going out, but still want to take part in Batman Day, then there is another option. Caped Crusades is reporting that the day celebrating the “Dark Knight” is actually being extended into a week for DC Universe Online.

Players of the game can enjoy a 40-percent-off sale in the marketplace where numerous Batman-related items are on sale. Through Wednesday of this week, DC Universe Online is also holding a number of Batman-related events in familiar areas such as Gotham and the Hall of Doom.

On Batman Day itself, there will be a trivia sweepstakes as well, and details can be found on the official Twitter account for the game.

Batman Day is only happening once a year and it’s something that should be honored and celebrated in a great number of ways. He has become one of the most popular comic book characters in the world and DC Comics knows that he is a gold mine for them for many years to come. On this great day, use the #BatmanDay hashtag to let the world know you are celebrating Bruce Wayne and Batman.

[Featured Image via DC]