‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From September 16 Episode, Highlights From ‘BB18’ House, And Part One Of Final HOH

This September 16 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Friday night episode. The BB18 house is down to its final three contestants and the final Head of Household competition is already underway. This particular episode served as a highlight show for how the season has progressed, but also showed how part one of the final HOH competition played out. This particular episode of the show was aired by CBS on Friday, September 16, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Corey Brooks was evicted during the last episode of the show. This was part of what was covered during the “previously on Big Brother” segment to start out the special Friday episode. Paul Abrahamian was also shown winning the final four HOH and getting the power to decide who would be joining him in the final three. Winning the Veto just cemented things for Paul, as he began working with James Huling to break up the last remaining showmance.

After the celebration portion of this particular Big Brother 18 recap, it was time to start showing some past footage of the season. That included Paul and James working out a deal to make it to the final two. James was on board because it ensured that Paul wasn’t going to use the Veto, thus making James the only vote at the eviction ceremony. Paul was then shown working out a final two deal with Nicole Franzel, making sure he had both his bases covered down the stretch.

During a Diary Room session, Paul was shown talking about owing nothing to either James or Nicole. He was just making sure that he was covered in case someone else were to win the final Head of Household. James stated during his DR session that he would certainly go to the final two with Paul, but Nicole wasn’t so sure when her DR session was shown. Paul’s straetgy to play both sides is nothing new, but will it guarantee him a spot in the final two?

This is the portion of the September 16 Big Brother 18 recap where the final three houseguests sat down for a big meal and reminisced about the first 92 days in the BB18 house. A long segment was shown that starred Paulie Calafiore. A lot of negative footage was shown with Paulie being disrespectful to most of the women in the game. It’s something he did for nearly the entire summer, but what wasn’t shown was where he threatened to quit the game repeatedly when he was forced to cook pies.

James Huling had a long portion where producers showed all of the pranks he was doing in the BB18 house over the summer. It certainly added a lot of humor following the dramatic footage of Paulie. Then it was time to move on to highlights from the Diary Room sessions, where most of the BB18 houseguests were shown crying. It also provided a lot of humor, especially with the soft elevator music playing and the sound effects added to the footage. Additional segments included highlights of the showmances, Victor’s interesting laugh, and Michelle Meyer acting like a cat.


Most of the September 16 Big Brother 18 episode involved showing clips, which is something that producers do with the penultimate episode each year. It serves as a way to catch up the CBS viewers on things that have taken place on the live feeds, but which may not have made it to the broadcast shows. The BB18 house had a lot of moments during the summer, 2016, season that didn’t make the cut, but that’s going to be the case when a season extends 100 days.

The episode came to an end before part one of the final Head of Household competition could be completed, taking away the opportunity for viewers to see what already happened earlier in the week. For fans who want to read about those particular Big Brother 18 spoilers, a previous report by the Inquisitr goes into detail about the first two competitions being used to determine the final HOH.

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