‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Host of Jury Round Table Revealed, Calls ‘BB18’ Jury ‘Most Entertaining’ And ‘Opinionated’ In Years

Every year around this time on each season of Big Brother, the highly anticipated jury roundtable takes place involving a veteran player interacting with jury members regarding the final three cast members and their game.

For the past several years, renowned houseguest Dr. Will Kirby has helmed this jury house tradition, and this season is no different. He came back to speak to the Big Brother 18 jurors and revealed some interesting tidbits from his time with jury members to Zap2It.

Dr. Will made his mark on reality television way back in 2001 when he won Big Brother 2, according to Us Weekly. He is considered one of the best players in Big Brother history even though he was a self-admitted “manipulator” and “should have been hated” by his fellow houseguests.

He told Us Weekly in 2015 that his ruthlessness was “unrelenting,” but he believes this was the quality his cast mates somehow responded to.

Regarding the Big Brother 18 jury members, Dr. Will called them the “most opinionated” and “entertaining” group he has seen in his “four years of participating in the jury debate,” according to Zap2It. He deemed the intelligence level of the BB18 jurors to be high, asserting that “when a juror comes into this segment with a set opinion it shows a lack of intelligence.”

Dr. Will further revealed that in all the years he’s been participating in the jury round table, the Big Brother 18 bunch are “the most kinetic group” of people ever.

When questioned by Zap2It about which jury member is the most bitter toward the final three cast members left in the Big Brother 18 game – Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling – Dr. Will refused to give names in order to not “taint the viewers’ outcome.” He stated that he was surprised by some who he expected to be bitter and weren’t, and other jury members who he thought would not be bitter, but instead were “very emotionally volatile. Unstable, you could argue.”

Regarding the explosive jury altercation featured on a recent episode of Big Brother 18, as previously covered by the Inquisitr, Dr. Will was unable to comment. He told Zap2It,

For legal reasons, I am not allowed to comment… I am allowed to state that all precautions were made to ensure the safety of all jury members and everyone ultimately was allowed and encouraged to air their grievances.”

Dr. Will added that there will be “more information” about the jury fight that was mainly between Paulie Calafiore and Da’Vonne Rogers on the Big Brother 18 “live finale” next week, Zap2It reports.


With regard to predicting a Big Brother 18 winner, Dr. Will kept silent, citing problematic issues with conspiracy theorists in the past. He told Zap2It that several years ago when he predicted Ian Terry would win his season of Big Brother and then he did, “so many people complained that the winners are predetermined.” Thus, Dr. Will felt it was prudent to stay silent regarding his thoughts about who would take this season’s grand prize.

Dr. Will also told Zap2It that he’s very excited about Big Brother: Over the Top, the new digital online version of the show premiering in less than two weeks. He expressed this excitement by proclaiming, “F*** yes. Think of it as a red band version of regular Big Brother.”

In the meantime, there still remain two episodes of CBSBig Brother 18 with one airing tonight beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, as well as the 90-minute finale airing Wednesday, September 21, at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Only a week later, on Wednesday, September 28 at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the all-digital online version of the show, Big Brother: Over the Top, will begin streaming on CBS All Access.

[Featured Image by CBS]