‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paul Accuses James of Mocking Him And Nicole, Nicole Prepares For Round 2 Of HOH, James and Nicole Disappoint Julie Chen

With only three people left in the Big Brother 18 house, live feed action is hard to come by. However, on Friday morning, Paul Abrahamian informed Nicole Franzel about some perceptions he has regarding the behavior of James Huling. Not long after, Nicole was meticulously studying in the safari room for the upcoming second round of the final Head of Household (HOH) competition.

Also on September 16, it was reported that Big Brother show host Julie Chen is not at all impressed with some of the veteran cast members’ gameplay, stating publicly she is disappointed in what she has seen during the season.

As far as current status in the Big Brother 18 house, Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers revealed the first round of the final HOH challenge was already played, and Paul was victorious. This means that Nicole and James will battle it out in the second round. Whoever takes that round will go head-to-head with Paul in the third and final round. The winner of the third round will then choose which player to evict, leaving the final two players to face the jury.

Around 10:15 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Paule and Nicole could be seen on CBS All Access live feeds whispering in the kitchen area as James slept in the London bedroom.

According to Paul, James said he’s anxious about the game but then went on to argue how he deserves to be in the final two and how James and Paul have been on the “same path,” which Paul found amusing.

Paul said James is acting a certain way because he knows he’s fine with Nicole, but she asserted, “I don’t know.”

Paul then informed Nicole that James told him he’s confident Paul will beat Nicole if they end up battling it out in the third round of the final HOH. As Nicole listened, Paul went on to say James revealed he had a dream in which he “bought all these cars,” which Paul interpreted as James “psyching himself out.”

Subsequently, Paul turned to Nicole and confidently said, “Dude, we’re going to win.”

As the two spoke, Paul reiterated James will not win the second HOH round against Nicole and seemed confident that Nicole will take him to final two. Paul also appeared to be trying to reinforce the belief in her that he would do the same by taking her to final two if he ends up with the power.

As Nicole made her way to the bathroom area, she mentioned that James has admitted he hasn’t tried to win challenges. Paul followed her and continued to talk about James throwing competitions and how his actions have basically mocked players who have tried their best to win every challenge possible.

Live feeds revealed Paul then said to Nicole that James’ actions are a “slap in the face to two people who have tried… hard as hell.” He added that James is “mimicking us to our face [sic] and then expecting us to take him to the end.” Nicole agreed, but ultimately the conversation took a left turn away from gameplay as the two began talking about how bad they smell because of the faulty air conditioning system in the London bedroom.

Despite Paul’s words of encouragement to Nicole about her ability to win the next HOH round, Nicole still felt compelled to study. She sat talking to herself while eating breakfast, first going over the houseguests who were Have Nots each week, according to Joker’s Updates.

She then moved on to refreshing her memory about all of the HOHs, the nominees, statistics regarding the Road Kill competitions, the POV winners, and any replacement nominations that occurred during POV ceremonies. Joker’s Updates reports that although Paul suggested the second-round HOH may cover things about the Big Brother 18 house itself, Nicole dismissed that notion.


In other news, the Hollywood Reporter writes that Big Brother host Julie Chen is not at all pleased with the way James and Nicole have been playing the game. In an interview with the publication, Julie said she was “really disappointed” because James “gave away an HOH” and did not compete as aggressively as she had hoped. Julie further asserted that she believes James was simply in the Big Brother 18 house to have fun.

Regarding Nicole, Julie told the Hollywood Reporter she “disappointed me this year,” noting, “I didn’t like how she wasn’t loyal to anyone but Corey. I didn’t like her being a snake.”

Because of what she believes is poor gameplay by James and Nicole, Julie is rooting for Paul to win and believes he will do so no matter who he’s sitting next to at the end.

In the meantime, there still remains two episodes of Big Brother 18, with one airing tonight beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern Time and the 90-minute finale airing Wednesday, September 21 at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Only a week later, on September 28 at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the all-digital Big Brother: Over the Top will begin streaming on CBS All Access.

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