Nicki Minaj Allegedly Threatens To Knock Out Mariah Carey During ‘American Idol’ Argument

Nicki Minaj has reportedly threatened to knock out fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey, according to the Daily Mail. The row began after Carey allegedly called the “Spaceships” singer a “b—,” a declaration which didn’t settle too well with Minaj. As a result of the heated confrontation between the two pop stars, producers were forced to shut down auditions.

Not surprisingly, the folks over at TMZ managed to get their hands on a video of the confrontation. In the clip, Nicki Minaj has already launched into her tirade against Mariah Carey, though it’s kind of hard to tell what, exactly, she’s saying. Since the audio isn’t of the highest quality, deciphering the specifics is a little difficult.

After spending quite a bit of time with the clip, TMZ managed to put together the following transcript of the altercation:

“Nicki: Get this s— in self control. Get in control. Get in control.

Randy: Settle down, settle down

Nicki: Don’t lose your head. Don’t lose your head (inaudible). Don’t tell me I’m a gangster.

Nicki: (inaudible) every 5 minutes. So every time you patronize me, I’m-ma take it back, and if you’ve got a f—king problem, handle it.

Nicki: I told them I’m not f—king putting up with her f—king highness over there. Figure it the f— out. Figure it out.

Nicki: I’m not gonna sit here every f—king minute to have you come down and harass me every minute everyday.”

Keith Urban, another judge on this season of the popular singing competition, is stuck between the two divas during the entire exchange. Although sources close to American Idol stated that Nicki Minaj did in fact threaten to knock out Mariah Carey, the verbal threat was made before someone decided to capture the conflict on camera.

Rumors of a feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey began to surface almost immediately following the announcement that the Trinidadian rapper would be judging this season’s American Idol. Producers hope the two strong personalities can weather the storm long enough to get the show in the proverbial can.