Kansas Woman Blasted Online For Gleefully Filming, Sharing Aftermath Of Deadly Walmart Shooting [Video]

A woman from Kansas is on the receiving end of an online attack swarm after she displayed a cheerful demeanor while filming a dire scene outside of her local Walmart.

In a now-deleted Facebook video that has since made its way to YouTube, shopper Wendy Russell Macrorie explained that she been purchasing items at the Shawnee location of the retail conglomerate on Monday, September 12, when she witnessed and recorded the aftermath of an ordeal that ended with two people shot; one of them, to death.

The following video contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

“So, this is interesting,” Macrorie states. “I am at Walmart, which I hate going to, and this is happening in front of my car.”

As she flips her phone’s camera to its front lens, she captures the scene of two men, including one named John W. Williams, lying on the ground. Unbeknownst to Macrorie at the time, Williams had been fatally wounded.

“Apparently, right in front of my car, two men have been shot,” she explains. “I was inside buying some light bulbs and stuff — an inner tube for my son for his bike, and everybody was telling everybody not to go outside.”

According to the Mirror and BET, what was going on outside of the Walmart began with two assailants, Williams and his accomplice, 27-year-old Arthur Wyatt, coming across a woman who had her back turned while placing her baby inside of her car. After one of the men purportedly hit her in the back of the head with an unknown object, she screamed in pain, which, in turn, alerted the attention of two Good Samaritans. They would come to the scene and attempt to help by fighting off Williams and his alleged assistant.

In the midst of the ruckus, Williams pulled out a firearm and shot several bullets toward the men who had come to loan their aid. One, Josh Owen, was hit, but the other returned fire with a weapon that they had in their possession, and struck Williams multiple times, killing him on the spot.

Throughout the video, Macrorie can be heard dictating the gruesome environment with a full-on positive lilt to her voice, and at the beginning of the clip, she is actually seen smiling. She also goes on to warn potential Walmart shoppers to refrain from stepping near the store.

“You be careful when you’re going to Walmart,” she says. “This is really scary and insane and grotesque, and I am freaked out.”

After surmising that the incident possibly occurred due to a potential carjacking, she then shares how the police on the scene are investigating Williams’ gunshot wounds, before signing off.

“Gross, gross,” Macrorie bemoans. “Don’t come to Walmart.”

Once she was away from the scene, Macrorie posted the visual to her Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, once the clip went viral, most questioned her mind frame for sharing the graphic imagery, as well as the demeanor she displayed in the video.

“Why would you post a killing in the parking lot of Walmart and be all smiling about it,” one person asked, while another simply said, “the nerve of this woman.”


After a mass of similar accusatory replies, Macrorie first deleted the clip, then removed her account completely from the social media site. As of Friday, September 16, she has yet to make a public comment regarding her actions.

BET reported that during the ordeal, police used video surveillance and a K-9 team to track down the second assailant, noted by KCTV-5 as Wyatt, at his mother’s home. He has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and robbery, and is currently being held on $1 million bail.

The female victim and the wounded Owen were taken to nearby hospitals to be treated. They are both said to be doing fine, although Owen was said to have undergone intense surgery for his injuries. Officials said that he was “awake and alert” following his treatment. A GoFundMe account for Owen has been since created by his loved ones to help cover incurring hospital bills.

The woman’s baby was said to have been completely unharmed during the incident.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]