‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Team Faces A Dark Secret From A New Agent

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Season 3 of NCIS: New Orleans.

NCIS: New Orleans is set to premiere Season 3 in just a few days, and heading into that season opener, there’s news that a new character is about to be introduced into the mix. The new addition will cause plenty of friction with the characters, played by series regulars Scott Bakula, Shalita Grant, and Lucas Black, even as the agents are faced with tracking down a deadly sniper. The appearance of this mysterious new agent may seem all business in the beginning, but the emergence of a dark secret will force her humanity to the surface.

The NCIS: New Orleans Team Meets FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregario

As the new installment of NCIS: New Orleans opens, TV Guide reveals that the agents will be facing the threat of a sniper picking off random civilians throughout New Orleans. While there’s little to go on, the public, the media, and the mayor (Steven Weber) are all pressuring Agents Pride (Bakula), Percy (Grant), and LaSalle (Black) to stop this new threat as soon as possible. Pursuing a tenuous lead results in a bungled effort to catch the sniper, and if that isn’t bad enough, FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregario (Vanessa Ferlito) shows up to investigate the NCIS team.

“I would describe her as pretty bad—,” Ferlito said.

Vanessa went on to describe her NCIS: New Orleans character as the type of agent who doesn’t put up with those that step outside the rules. She says Gregario is very straight-laced and she has been sent to New Orleans to ensure the agents there are doing things by the book. Ferlito’s NCIS character will seem cold and stern in the beginning of the new season, but, over time, her human side — and a dark secret — will come to light. The actress reveals that a clue to this secret is revealed in the first episode of the season, as viewers learn this isn’t Gregario’s first visit to New Orleans.

“Her weakness is this burden she carries from her past. It’s really bad. She feels responsible that many people suffered as a result of something she was involved with,” Ferlito said. “She doesn’t trust anybody because of what happened. She’s a wonderful agent but when she comes to New Orleans it opens old wounds and she has to face it and get closure. She doesn’t find it anytime soon — it’s going to drag out a little bit.”

NCIS: New Orleans Steps Up To Help Clean Up


Much of NCIS: New Orleans is filmed on-location in the city, which can mean inconveniences and delays for the people who live there, but CBS News reports that the show’s producers are giving something back to that community. The series cast and crew have previously come together to help Louisiana flood victims, and now NCIS: New Orleans is going to contribute towards cleaning up the French Quarter. Money and supplies have already been donated on behalf of the series for the clean-up of graffiti in the area.

The donations are part of a city-wide clean up project, which is to take place on October 8. In addition to supplying gloves, rags, scrapers, scouring pads, and a special cleaning solution approved by the Vieux Carre Commission, NCIS: New Orleans producers have also paid for T-shirts, which will be given to everyone participating in the clean-up.

Anyone interested in participating in the clean-up should meet in the courtyard of the 8th district New Orleans police station at 9 a.m. Lunch will be provided to volunteers, donated by a Bourbon Street restaurant.

Season 3 of NCIS: New Orleans, starring Scott Bakula, Lucas Black, and Zoe McLellan, premieres on Tuesday, September 20, on CBS.

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