JonBenet Ramsey News: Dr. Phil ‘Burke Ramsey Exhibits Anxiety Reactions’

With the large volume of information to consider in terms of JonBenet Ramsey news, Dr. Phil took some time on Thursday to review what the public now knows since the interview with brother Burke Ramsey was viewed, and countless other programs have been on as many networks. Dr. Phil showed clips, took questions from the audience, and explained the oddities in the countenance of Burke Ramsey for a studio full of viewers of The Dr. Phil Show.

Though Dr. Phil McGraw warned the public up front that JonBenet Ramsey’s older brother, Burke Ramsey had odd reactions, smile when talking about gruesome topics, many people were not prepared to view an interview that seemed to be of a very young boy in the body of a 29 year old man, according to the Inquisitr. It is difficult to tell if Burke Ramsey is just numb to the topic of JonBenet’s murder, but when asked startling questions like “did you hit your sister in the head with a baseball bat or a metal flashlight,” Burke doesn’t seem to blink when he says that he doesn’t think he did.”

But due to the great deal of interest in the Burke Ramsey interview with Dr. Phil, which was Burke Ramsey’s first media interview ever, Dr. Phil dedicated a whole show to audience questions and reviewing the information at hand, according to Entertainment Tonight. Still a topic on the mind of many viewers is Burke Ramsey’s odd reaction to questions about his slain sister. While it is understood that everyone processes grief and loss differently, at times, Burke Ramsey seemed amused recalling his mother’s angst at realizing her six year old was missing.


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Dr. Phil McGraw, a psychologist, spent more time interviewing Burke Ramsey than anyone else so far, and though he admits Ramsey’s affect is unusual, he defends him staunchly, saying that there has never been evidence against him in the crime, and that much of his reaction is from long-held anxiety about the murder and the case itself.

“Burke is not and has never been a suspect in this case. I think people have considered him otherwise because, in the very beginning, the DA and the Boulder PD have acknowledged and admitted they put out misinformation to the media, to the public, to try to put pressure on the Ramseys to either make a mistake or break or confess.”

Dr. Phil explained that Burke Ramsey is socially awkward, and a bit of a loner. He says that Burke works remotely, and has little contact with others. Dr. Phil says that more than anything, Ramsey is a shy guy in an unusual circumstance.

“People have commented on his smile, which is purely from anxiety. He’s kind of a loner. He’s socially uncomfortable.”

Dr. Phil says that it is not unusual for people to fall back on certain, sometimes odd behaviors when they are extremely nervous, like hair twirling or nail biting.


Many people have wondered if Burke Ramsey is perhaps autistic, but Dr. Phil confirmed that he is not. TamaraTattles commented that Dr. Phil said that Burke Ramsey is not weird or creepy, but he is socially awkward and nervous being interviewed by Dr. Phil about his murdered six year old sister, as most of us would be.

TamaraTattles pondered that it is a natural leap that Burke Ramsey’s family of origin likely molded his current demeanor.

“If Burke’s primary interactions were with his mother, the pageant queen and his father who is also quite smiley, I can see this being his natural demeanor. But it sure does raise some suspicions. And I may want a second opinion from someone other than Dr. Phil.”

What is your impression of Dr. Phil’s interview with Burke Ramsey?

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