‘Man Of Steel 2’ Confirmed By Henry Cavill’s Manager, Release Date Unknown [Spoilers]

The Man of Steel 2 release date hasn’t been confirmed, but the movie has. Henry Cavill’s manager confirmed rumors that the Kryptonian orphan will be getting a solo sequel following months of rumors.

Man of Steel was an unusual reboot to a franchise which, like Batman, hadn’t seen a lot of successful sequels. It’s mostly due to the masterwork of Chrisopher Nolan that DC films have become relevant once more after a disastrous string of flops including Batman and Robin and Green Lantern. Nolan brought a sense of realism to a world where science and the supernatural combined, and he was praised for it. Even The Dark Knight Rises had a degree of success, even though nothing could top its predecessor.

Man of Steel 2 is set to bring back Superman in his second solo movie sometime after the Justice League release date, and will reveal that Superman didn’t really die at the end of Dawn of Justice. The character was last seen with a spike of kryptonite through his chest, driven there by his nemesis, Doomsday, an abomination comprised of Alex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) DNA and that of General Zod (Michael Shannon). There had been a funeral scene and everything.

However, as DC comics veterans know, Superman was reborn at least once. The first time it was documented alongside the release of a video game called The Death and Return of Superman in 1994.

The confirmation of the eventual Man of Steel 2 release date also might mean that part of Justice League might involve finding and nursing Superman back to health from near-death.

The confirmation came when Dany Garcia revealed it was one of the projects he is currently working on, according to GameSpot.

“Henry has a big appetite. We’ve been in a five-month period of time where he’s re-strategizing [and] acquiring property [for his production company]. [He’s] filming [Justice League] now, [and] he’s in development for the Superman standalone. He’s beginning to expand that world. It’s beautifully teed up. In a year from now, or two years from now, he’s going to be a force globally.”


Sources say that the Man of Steel 2 release date marks one of Warner Bros. highest priorities at the moment. It does make sense if you think about it. Man of Steel was the first film in the DC expanded universe, making the character pivotal at least for now. The same thing happened with Iron Man in the Marvel cinematic universe. Robert Downey, Jr.’s version of Iron Man kicked off what is now considered one of the biggest juggernauts in comic book movie history, and might still see a fourth solo film.

For now Suicide Squad is making its theatrical run, starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith in a story about a team of supervillains assembled to take down rogue heroes. The reason behind the team is to prepare for a scenario in which Superman suddenly decides he doesn’t want to save the world anymore. In this case, we might even see Harley Quinn and the gang up against him for part of Man of Steel 2 when the release date hits.

Russell Crowe, who played Superman’s father in Man of Steel, pointed out earlier this year that the Man of Steel 2 release date would have been early this year, but Warner Bros. decided instead to focus on the clash of DC’s titanic heroes. With the temporary death of Superman, it seems clear that they are set on giving us another dark tale, as the experience will likely change him.

[Feature image via Warner Bros.]