Mysterious 'Angelic' Figure Appears In Photo Of 9/11 Tribute In Light: Jesus, An Angel, Or Alien Being? [Video]

A photograph showing an apparition resembling a shining angelic figure floating heavenward over the World Trade Center (WTC) atop the beams of the 9/11 Tribute in Light has gone viral on social media.

The photograph was taken by Rich McCormack, an amateur photographer from Jersey City, during the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks.

The freelance photographer said he snapped several photos of the twin beams of light -- a tribute to innocent lives lost in the 9/11 attacks -- at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday while standing on the waterfront in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The mysterious "angel" figure appeared in only one of the several images he snapped that night.

He told Inside Edition that he did not see anything unusual at the time he was snapping the photos. He noticed the mysterious figure while reviewing the images.

"I didn't realize the image was there until I looked back into the camera and saw a larger piece of white there and I kept enlarging it and saw the image," McCormack said.

The image appears to show a brilliant "angelic figure" rising up into the air at the top of the beams of the 9/11 Tribute in Light.

Many social media users commented that the appearance of the angelic figure on the 9/11 Tribute in Light was not a coincidence and that it has a special symbolic or supernatural meaning.

But some skeptics argued that the image was only a trick of the light or an unusual cloud formation. Others suggested it was photoshopped. A few conspiracy theory-minded viewers suggested it could be yet another government test of advanced holographic projection technology under the fabled Project Blue Beam.

But McCormack assured Inside Edition that the image was not photoshopped. He said the mysterious figure looked like an angel or Jesus. He told he thought it looked like a vision of Jesus with folded arms.

"It looked like the image of the lord or an angel... I feel like it was angels watching over us."
McCormack's social media friends also defended him, saying that God used him as a "middle man" to send a message of reassurance.

Many viewers on social media agreed that the mystery figure looked like an angel or Jesus and that its appearance during the 15th anniversary of 9/11 was not a coincidence.

"It's Jesus playing the guitar. A Les Paul model, I believe," a social media user quipped humorously. "Rich told me he heard the faint strumming of Stairway to Heaven."

9/11 Tribute
9/11 Tribute in Light [Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images]

"Oh, my goodness, Richard, incredible -- so many signs and wonders."

"You must be a very special human being to have captured this. Thank you Jesus."

"Do you know how blessed you are? Everybody has taken this same picture for years, but this angel chose you."

"The Lord is with us and this is just another reminder. It's beautiful."

"This has left me with so much faith - God is watching over us always."

The Daily Mail reports that Yvette Cid, who lost children in the 9/11 attack, said she felt reassured and inspired by the image.

"That's an awesome pic," she commented. "I lost my two boys and I believe this is a sign to all that have lost a love one."

But some members of the UFO community have claimed that the mystery figure was an alien being.

According to the UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, the image shows an alien being appearing over the 9/11 Tribute in Light as a sign of solidarity with humanity.

"This standing figure is over five floors tall and standing directly in the beam of the 911 tribute beam," Waring writes on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. "[It is a] symbol of understanding the tragic loss of the day, even among other alien species. [This is a] gesture of respect from them, to humanity."

But in case anyone thinks the suggestion that the figure was an alien excludes the possibility that it was Jesus, Waring explains that Jesus is the adopted brother of Commander Valiant Thor, an alien from Venus who, according to UFO and alien folklorists, worked for the U.S. government in the 1950s.

"[Valiant Thor was the brother of] the same Jesus who was once on Earth," the UFO blogger writes. "It may be that this alien Jesus is still watching over humanity. Then again, such an alien with such powers...would easily be considered godly."
Thus, according to Waring, Jesus is an alien and the mystery figure was "Jesus alien" watching over mankind.

[Featured Image by Gary Yim/Shutterstock]