Taylor Swift’s Single Life: Girls’ Night Out, Emotional Breakdowns, And Intense Gym Sessions

Taylor Swift is not sitting around and sulking. The singer has been enjoying the single life ever since she broke up with Tom Hiddleston. News of the couple splitting hit Us Weekly and People just a day after Labor Day. Since then, Taylor has been seen hitting up the gym, working on new music, and hanging out with her girlfriends.

Taylor Swift has been getting her revenge body since her recent splits from Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris. The 26-year-old has been hitting up the gym a lot more lately. Swift has been seen at the Body By Simone studios in New York and Los Angeles, according to People. She’s been regularly taking the cardio-based sessions to get her toned physique, according to Body By Simone creator Simone De La Rue.

“Body By Simone workouts are effective because they get your heart rate up, torch calories, and tone your entire body, all while having fun! People love BBS because no class is ever the same.”

The classes include dance cardio sessions that last 45 minutes, followed by arm and ab exercises, full body classes that combine cardio and conditioning in an interval-training format, as well as exercises that focus on the “hips, thighs, and buns,” along with cardio trampoline classes. In addition to getting in shape, the Body By Simone classes cheer you up after a breakup – or two.

“The classes are fun because they allow you to literally dance like no one is watching. When you love a workout, you have no problem coming to class a few times a week. The more you attend class the better you look and feel. It’s an amazing cycle to be in!”

In addition, Swift has been spotted hitting up the fashion shows at New York Fashion Week, reports E! Online. Swift has recently supported her best friend Gigi Hadid at the Tommy x Gigi show last week. Hadid then revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Swift has been back in the studio making music for her new album. But, Swift has found the time to hang out with her model friends, including Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt, both of which she’s been seen with in recent days.

Tinder. ???????????????? Jk chill

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Swift took to her Instagram Story to explain she’s been through an emotional breakdown – but it’s not what you think. Swift’s cats are the ones that are going through an “emotional rollercoaster,” reported Us Weekly. In a series of new clips, Martha Hunt is seen petting her cat Meredith during their girls’ night at Swift’s house.

“She really loves you,” Swift is heard saying in the clip. “This is a beautiful moment.” She captioned the video, “Martha melting Meredith’s ice cold cat heart.”

Taylor put a video of Martha Hunt and Meredith on her Instagram story!

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The Victoria’s Secret model and Swift’s beloved cat took to each other well, according to Us Weekly. The singer even joked that she was a little jealous of the two getting along. “They’re taking pictures together now. She never takes pictures with me. Look at them,” Swift said.

She captioned the video, “Meredith loves only Martha and no one else.”

Taylor posted two videos of Martha Hunt and Meredith on her Instagram story

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Taylor posted two videos on her Instagram story!

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Then, Swift lamented about her “emotional” night. “Tonight has been an emotional rollercoaster,” she captioned the final clip of Hunt drinking a glass of wine as Meredith sits adoringly in her lap.

Hunt also posted a clip to her Instagram Story of Swift’s cat drinking water out of the sink. “This is the weirdest cat ever. She drinks from the faucet,” Hunt added.

Martha Hunt posted a video of Meredith drinking from the faucet on her Instagram story

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Ever since the news broke that Swift and Hiddleston broke up, the singer has been relying on her squad to get her through the loneliness, an insider revealed to E! Online.

“She is hanging with her girls for emotional support and friendship. She has a closet set of women around her,” the insider concluded.

She even willingly third-wheeled Hadid’s date with Zayn Malik earlier this week, in which she looked out of place. Swift wore one of Hadid’s dresses from her Tommy Hilfiger collaboration, while the couple wore matching head-to-toe black outfits.

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