Jenni Pulos Shares Update On Pregnancy Journey, Jeff Lewis’ Impending Fatherhood And Zoila Chavez

Is Jennis Pulos any closer to having a second child? How is her boss, Jeff Lewis, handling impending fatherhood? On Thursday, Jenni did an interview with Maria Menounos, for Maria’s Sirius XM radio show Conversations with Maria Menounos, during which she gave an update on her journey to get pregnant and talked about Jeff’s impending fatherhood. Jeff and his partner Gage Edward, are expecting a girl via surrogate in the fall.

At the beginning of Flipping Out season 9, Jenni shared her and her husband’s struggle to have a second child. She revealed that she went through several miscarriages. After trying intrauterine insemination, she turned to in vitro fertilization.

Jenni, who is now seeing the same fertility doctor who helped Jeff and Gage get pregnant via surrogate, revealed during her interview with Maria that she had nine eggs retrieved from her egg retrieval the day prior. When Maria, who is going through in vitro fertilization herself, expressed awe at how many eggs Jenni got, Jenni reminded her that in the end, it’s all about the quality of the eggs. Jenni reminded Maria that at her previous egg retrieval, she had 26 eggs retrieved but none of them were viable, heartbreaking news that viewers actually saw her get on Flipping Out.

Throughout the interview, Jenni expressed optimism that everything will happen as it should and that a baby will come according to God’s plan. She told Maria to not lose faith. Jenni pointed out that Jeff and Gage, who previously tried adoption, had to go through their own struggle to get a baby.

“Jeff and Gage went through their own very long road and at one point he said, ‘Why didn’t this, we tried so hard with the adoption, why was this the road?’ And when you meet his surrogate and you meet the family, you understand that this is the way that this is supposed to come together…so that’s what I would say to you. It’s coming, the timing, it has to be right.”

Prior to the interview, Jenni posted a photo of herself with her doctor at the egg retrieval procedure. Jenni thanked her doctor, Dr. Potter, and his team for all that they’ve done for her.

On another photo, Jenni said that she’s praying for all those who have shared their own pregnancy stories with her and expressed optimism that miracles will come to everyone.

After the Flipping Out season finale 9 episode aired, Jenni thanked her fans for their love and encouragement. She called the latest season a “great” one.

The finale episode showed Jeff Lewis, Gage Edwards and Jenni Pulos at a ultrasound. As the technician showed and measured the baby’s body and revealed the heartbeat sound, Jenni wiped away a tear. In her confessional interview, Jenni said seeing Jeff and Gage’s baby made her beyond thrilled and also hopeful also that she’ll be able to have another baby. Jenni pointed out that Jeff and Gage also went through a long struggle to have a baby but now it’s happening for them.

Regarding that moment, Jenni tweeted that she will always cherish having shared that moment with Jeff and Gage.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish in August, Jenni praised Jeff and Gage for being so supportive of her.

“Jeff and Gage have been incredibly supportive, you know, they went through the process before me. When I was going through everything, they knew kind of what my chances were. They were some of the most supportive people of everybody, and they still are. They say, ‘You’re gonna do this. You can do this.’ I don’t think they’ll ever know what that’s meant to me, despite all of our dysfunctional family, they have been there for me through this and supportive and really my champions.”

On Instagram recently, Jeff joked that he has a plan B ready if he decides that fatherhood’s not for him.


The Flipping Out season 9 finale episode wasn’t all about babies. It also showed Jeff’s longtime maid and close friend, Zoila, finally moving out into her own place after living with him and Gage for several years. Jenni tweeted that Zoila is and will always be a part of Jeff’s family.

Zoila had been feeling overworked and the desire to have more of her own life. On last week’s episode, after it looked as if Jeff was going to fire Zoila for disappearing during a crucial time when he and Gage needed her help, Jeff, during a counseling session with Zoila, actually offered to reduce her workweek to three days a week and to even continue paying her even after she retires. Jeff professed his love for Zoila and said that he wants to make sure that she’s taken care of for her entire life. Zoila happily accepted Jeff’s offer and told Jeff that she loves him too.

On the season finale episode, Jeff, Gage and Jenni watched as Zoila, whose room was going to be turned into the nursery, took her belongings and left. In a confessional interview, Jeff proclaimed that Zoila will still be involved in his life as well as his child’s life. Zoila said that while she loves Jeff, she can’t stay with him forever and that it’s time for her to leave.

If it all works out, perhaps on season 10 of Flipping Out, viewers will not only watch Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward, with Zoila Chavez’s help, be parents to a baby girl but also Jenni Pulos pregnant?

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