San Diego Shooting: Teen Desteny Memory Hernandez Found Dead In Tijuana

A teen in San Diego fell victim to a shooting while in Tijuana on September 7. Desteny Memory Hernandez was out partying with friends when she was shot seven times.

Authorities in Baja, California, said that Desteny had been shot in the face and torso. This may indicate someone had become personally upset with her, as a random shooting might have resulted in the injury of others who were attending the party as well. Details are unknown as to why she had been shot, as a GoFundMe page made in her honor said she was a loving, caring, and outgoing person.


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Desteny’s body was found beside Via Rapida, a busy highway in Tijuana, authorities say, the same day her family had made it public that the San Diego teen involved in the shooting had gone missing. There had been postings on social media asking for information regarding her whereabouts.

The San Diego Union Tribune states that the Mexican press said Desteny had been partying with friends at Le Container, a popular bar in the Zona Rio neighborhood in Tijuana. From there, she had met a group of men and went to one of their homes in El Florido.

Desteny’s brother gave a different account of the situation, saying she was at Avenida Revolucion, according to NBC San Diego. He said he had known something was wrong that night because she always kept in touch with her family and friends and hadn’t heard from her when the shooting had supposedly happened.

A possible clue to a motive had been allegedly found in a text message Desteny had sent around 1:07 a.m. saying she was tired and about to leave them, as they were acting irritated. This could mean that one of the men had allegedly gotten drunk and angry and started shooting the San Diego teen.

Authorities have said that there was no evidence of sexual assault.

Desteny Memory Hernandez’s body was taken to the Tijuana medical examiner’s office, where her family later confirmed it was her.

Further information is being investigated as the case develops over the San Diego teen killed in the Tijuana shooting.



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