Kelly Dodd Accident: ‘RHOC’ Star Says Tamra Judge Did Nothing Wrong In Crash?

Kelly Dodd popped a beer after being in a roll-over accident with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars. Even though Dodd’s helmet flew off during the roll-over, she could miraculously walk away from the accident. Tamra Judge was taken to the local hospital, while Vicki Gunvalson was airlifted to the nearest hospital in Palm Springs that deals with trauma. The women have been talking since the accident, and it sounds like there’s no blame placed on the driver.

According to a new Bravo report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she doesn’t blame Tamra at all for the crash, even though she was the driver. All of the ladies quickly forgave Judge for the accident, as she clearly felt very bad about the crash. Judge was rushed to the hospital to deal with her health, but she was released after a few hours with minor scrapes and bruises.

“Now, months after that accident, I am pleased to say that we all survived it without persistent injuries. For that we are truly blessed. The repercussions from the accident were really bad, but we all know it could have been so much worse,” Kelly Dodd reveals in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

All of the ladies have continuously said that they are just happy to be alive, including Kelly Dodd. They were all scared that something happened with Vicki and Judge, as they were rushed to the hospital. But now that the dust has settled and all the ladies are doing well, Kelly Dodd is now reflecting on how Tamra handled the entire situation.

“Throughout the weekend and the days that followed I felt terrible for Tamra. Of course she was distraught and was apparently suffering from shock and possibly a concussion. She was obviously feeling terribly guilty for being the driver when the accident happened. She also was contemplating what might have happened if, except for the grace of God, one or more of us had been killed or permanently disabled. To be clear, Tamra did everything she could and used her best judgment when piloting the dunes. What happened was a freak situation,” Kelly Dodd points out in her blog for Bravo.


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Judge felt guilty after the crash because she was the one who was driving, had planned the trip and was behind the wheel when the dune buggy rolled over. She was very nervous about Gunvalson’s health. She had no idea that Dodd and Heather were just fine, waiting for her at the campsite.


Dodd was scared that something happened to Vicki as well, as they had become close friends. Kelly really wanted to make sure that her friend was alright after the crash, so she started bonding with Judge and Heather Dubrow. Even though they didn’t get along before, they now have this accident in common. She hints that she and Heather are now closer than before. They had originally gotten off on the wrong foot and she was clearly upset with the way she was being judged for her anger management issues.

“We all know that a crisis often brings people together. We see all the time in natural disasters,” Kelly Dodd explains, adding that she now has some new friendships, sharing, “As you see from this episode, Heather, Vicki, Tamra and I became much closer and shared the bond of that harrowing experience. You see our bond and camaraderie throughout the episode.”

This will definitely be something worth following on the upcoming episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County. One has to wonder if Shannon and Meghan will be the housewives on the outs since they didn’t go on the trip with the other ladies.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd’s comments about Judge? Are you surprised that she’s not blaming Tamra for the accident, even though she was the driver?

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