‘Teen Wolf’s’ Dylan O’Brien Still Hasn’t Returned To Work After ‘Maze Runner’ Accident?

Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien still isn’t back to the set of either the MTV series or Maze Runner following his serious head and facial injuries he suffered over six months ago. In mid-March, Dylan was hurt on the set of Maze Runner when he fell off the hood of a car and was dragged behind another car he was harnessed to. Although fans have managed to capture him in a few selfies near his home, O’Brien has not returned and is said to still be recovering.

Maze Runner director Wes Ball has announced filming will begin in early 2017 and that the film will be released in 2018. Will that still happen? It’s a very real question when considering the facts. Will teen star O’Brien return to the set where he was so horrifically injured? At any rate, Dylan is still not working after six months. Will he voluntarily get on the hood of another car in three more months? Who would?

The Teen Wolf series has written Dylan out of the upcoming episodes indefinitely with a clever plot line that has left the character, as well as the actor, MIA. The teen thriller’s writers hope that O’Brien will be able to return to their set in October, but they prepared to explain his absence indefinitely in their episodes. Season 6 of Teen Wolf, which will end in 2017, will be the supernatural teen thriller’s last season.

Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien has apparently accepted yet another movie making obligation. O’Brien is set to star in American Assassin, which, according to Game N Guide, will be filmed during the same time as the upcoming Maze Runner film.

Maze Runner and American Assassin may have to compete for Dylan’s time and attention in the early months of 2017, and that is if Dylan is able to return at all. By that time, for better or worse, the Teen Wolf episodes will likely be completed with or without Dylan. Fans and cast members, of course, hope that O’Brien will be able to make an appearance at least in the final episodes of his own series, but in the ultimate real-life cliffhanger, fans do not know the fate of Dylan or his wolf character, Stiles.

Teen Wolf Stars Dylan Obrien and Tyler Posey by Christopher Polk c
Teen Wolf Stars Dylan Obrien and Tyler Posey [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Deepwater Horizon, a movie about the Gulf oil spill accident and the men who perished on that oil rig, is set to hit theaters soon, and it too features O’Brien. Even though this film will premiere on September 30, it was filmed in 2015, before Dylan’s accident.

Is Dylan O’Brien okay? Dylan is able to stand up and walk down a sidewalk, which is good news. He also looks good, so it’s obvious he is not disfigured by the facial accident. O’Brien was able to smile and carry on a friendly conversation with a fan or two, but none of that proves Dylan is 100 percent okay. He has recently appeared on the set of American Assassin, but is that a sign the star has completely recovered?

The Teen Wolf star could and likely has suffered massive headaches after the accident. After all, he had a concussion and facial fractures. It has been six months, but headaches could still be a factor, as could dizziness, ear ringing, and balance issues. Chronic migraines could result from this sort of injury as well.

Maze Runner’s studio was blamed by Canadian officials and Ecumenical News believes that Mr. O’Brien is planning to sue Fox for his injuries. If that is the case, it is likely Dyan will not return to the set until the lawsuit is settled, and perhaps, depending on the outcome of the case, he could avoid it altogether if he wants to.

Dylan O'Brien by Dave Kotinsky c
Dylan O'Brien [Photo by Dave Kotinsk/Getty Images]


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Is Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien fearful or having anxiety about returning to Maze Runner and action films in general after his accident? It would certainly be understandable, especially if the young actor isn’t feeling 100 percent recovered after his accident.

Filming Maze Runner apparently requires a lot more of O’Brien than most types of movies. It is one thing to film some drama scenes or walk on the beach in a romantic comedy, but that isn’t what Dylan will be doing. It is hard to imagine O’Brien is going to be riding around on car hoods anytime soon.

Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien could be suffering from anxiety as a result of the accident. Many performers develop anxiety about appearing on stage or in front of cameras, even if all they do is sing or dance. O’Brien would certainly be more than justified in being uneasy about continuing to film a movie he was injured so severely while making.

Is Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien is still suffering terribly, either physically or emotionally, after his March injury on the Maze Runner set?

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