Katie Holmes Talks Parenting Amid Rumors About Secret Wedding To Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes rarely gets candid and usually maintains a very low profile. Yet, the beauty is sure to express her joy and feelings about her favorite little lady, Suri Cruise. The star recently spoke with People about her relationship with her little one, whom she had with ex-husband Tom Cruise, and states that when it comes to parenting, she looks to her own mom, Kathleen, for advice and inspiration. The publication shares the words of Holmes in regard to her mother.

“She’s just so kind and has such a pure heart; she really leads with those two qualities, so I try to do the same.She’s just so kind and very generous, so I try my best to embody that and pass that on to my own daughter.”

Katie and Kathleen enjoyed an evening out when Holmes took her mom as a date to the re-opening of the Cartier Mansion in New York. The outing was also a celebration for Kathleen’s birthday.

“It’s always a blessing to be able to have time with my mom – especially time in the city with her. We always have a good time.”

The 37-year-old’s daughter also enjoys joining in on special outings and being with her mom and grandma. The 10-year-old had fun at a Broadway show with Katie and Kathleen and just over the weekend, and Holmes posted sweet Instagram pics of her family at an intimate surprise birthday party thrown by her mother. She captioned the photos with the hashtags #blessed and #gratitude.

When asked how Katie and Suri spend their free time together, the Kennedys After Camelot star stated that they love their time in the kitchen baking their favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Learning details from the stunner directly in her own words is certainly refreshing since the usual news reported about the actress and her daughter are completely through sources and insiders. The big rumor that has taken on new life as of late involves Katie’s rumored relationship with Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx. The past months have been filled with tabloid rumors surrounding the pair, from pregnancy and engagements to breakups and the setting of wedding dates, and the claims have been endless. Yet, one fact remains unclear — whether the two are even actually in a relationship.

Supposed friends of the rumored couple shared in the spring that Katie and Jamie are gearing up to announce that they are a couple, and these friends insisted that the two have been a couple for some time, yet have kept the relationship secretive for Suri’s sake. Both actors adamantly deny a romance and share that they are merely friends.


This hasn’t kept new rumors from cropping up that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are actually already married. The latest states that the pair aren’t just setting the wedding date but are already married. OK! Magazine is the tabloid culprit on this wild claim, as Gossip Cop relays.

According to OK!, Holmes and Foxx are ready to make their supposed “hush-hush courtship” official and are planning a wedding ceremony for later this year. The magazine says the two have kept their romance a secret because Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce settlement forbid her from publicly dating until 2017.”

The gossip policing site slams these rumors for the ludicrous claims they involve. There is no contract forbidding Katie to date, and Jamie Foxx has not appealed to Cruise about ending the contract, as the tabloid went on to allege. Neither Katie nor Jamie have fessed up to any kind of romance, in fact, Jamie dismissed the rumors about a three-year romance as ridiculous. The pair have merely stated they are friends.

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