WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns, Shield Possibly Reforming For 'Royal Rumble'?

When The Shield was running all over the WWE, they were the most popular faction in years -- even if they were heels for most of their run. Seth Rollins was the brains, Dean Ambrose was the unstable one, and Roman Reigns was the muscle. Since they split up, all three have enjoyed success and all became world champions. According to Forbes, the WWE is considering putting The Shield back together for an appearance at the 2017 Royal Rumble.

In what seems like an eternity ago, The Shield were putting on five-star matches every time they stepped into a WWE ring. Whether The Shield were fighting The Wyatt Family, Evolution, or anyone else they were put in the ring against, The Shield were the hottest thing going in the WWE. Then, it was time to push Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose as singles stars, so the WWE broke The Shield up.

The one thing that happened when The Shield broke up is that the fans took Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose in a different way. Seth Rollins became the ultimate heel, aligning himself with Triple H and turning into the biggest villain in the WWE. He was the first member to hold the world championship.

Roman Reigns was turned into the next giant babyface. The problem is that the fans never took to Roman as a singles wrestler because it felt the WWE pushed Reigns down everyone's throat before he was ready. Roman was pushed as a monster and as a babyface fighting for respect and won multiple world titles, although Reigns never held the WWE title for long.

Dean Ambrose was who the fans were chanting for, and he was the man that they wanted to be the world champion. He is the current world champion on SmackDown Live, but fans have started to tire of Dean thanks to his booking as a jokester instead of the unhinged and dangerous man he was when fans loved him most.

There was even one day where all three members of The Shield were the champions, with Seth Rollins beating Roman Reigns for the title. Dean Ambrose then came in with the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashed it in to become the new world champion. It looks like it might be time for the WWE to make a move with The Shield to refresh Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose once again in the minds of fans.

Fans loved Roman Reigns when The Shield broke up, but many hardcore fans turned on him thanks to his push. Dean Ambrose has lost many fans since he started getting booked like a goof instead of a tough guy. Seth Rollins has done almost everything he can do right now as an arrogant heel and could use a new direction for a short time.

The problem will be how to do it right. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would look stupid for trusting Seth Rollins again. At the same time, Rollins could use a face turn, but Roman Reigns could really use a heel turn. The WWE will likely reunite them as faces and hope the fans will cheer Roman Reigns again if The Shield is back together.

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The original report came from the Wrestling Observer newsletter, which stated that the WWE was considering a Shield reunion at an upcoming pay-per-view. Since Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose are on the two different brands, it would have to be a major show, which means Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.

The Survivor Series makes sense if they team up for a traditional match, possibly The Shield vs. The Bullet Club. However, The Royal Rumble makes the most sense for the WWE, as the fans might go crazy if the three former members of The Shield team up in the Rumble match and start eliminating everyone as a unit once again. WWE fans might even start to cheer Roman Reigns again for at least one night.

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