Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: Divorce Rumors Continue, What’s The Truth Behind The Claims?

One of the world’s most watched couples has certainly been the center of attention for mainly negative reasons as of late. Although Angelina Jolie is doing her part as a member of the United Nations efforts to assist refugees and Brad Pitt has been busy onscreen, the main focus is on the reported crumbling marriage between the pair.

There seemed to be a glimpse of hope when Brad and Angelina celebrated their wedding anniversary away from their six children and demonstrated they still make time for one another. Yet once again, the tabloids are talking divorce.

The Hollywood Gossip recently relayed apparent reasons that the power couple is struggling.

“Apparently Pitt refused to spend the last days of summer Vacation with Jolie and their six kids. Instead, he went to Croatia with his friends. As Brad headed out the door, Angelina was in tears, truly feeling she’d lost Brad once and for all. The marriage is broken and Brad and Angelina’s $400 million divorce is underway.”

The publication then goes on to indicate what’s at stake in the rumored $400 million divorce, stating that the couple’s $60 million estate, Chateau Miravel is first on the list. Pitt reportedly will fight selling the property after he put so much effort into restoring it over the past eight years. Sources claim there were “screaming matches” between the couple and things are only getting worse.

It’s been made clear that Angelina is pushing hard for the divorce seeing as she’s not happy with her life at the moment and wants to change things up, as a source states.

“She’s fed up with what her life has become and wants to make a change.”

Jolie then reportedly sought legal advice to prepare for divorce, to which Pitt responded by jumping on a plane immediately to Los Angeles for the purpose of protecting himself in the legal proceedings.

“He was blindsided, but he’ll meet with his lawyer to discuss his options regarding custody and protecting his earning. The divorce is bound to get ugly.”

Although there is reportedly all of this drama between the pair, Jolie has been photographed and recorded at UN assemblies where she looks entirely focused on helping Syrian refugees as the UN’s Special Envoy and not at all affected by these apparent difficult times. Perhaps it is because there is no divorce drama and once again, this is all a complete fabrication drummed up by tabloids who incessantly spew out the same tales week after week, only to have their claims and the words of apparent “sources” debunked.

Gossip Cop once again got to the bottom of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce claim and have reported that it is certainly all untrue.

“Despite how many times Gossip Cop has debunked [tabloids] for wrongly reporting the movie stars’ relationship is over, we still checked in with a reliable source close to the couple, who exclusively assures us there’s still ‘no truth’ to this latest breakup tale. Earlier this year, we called out the publication for falsely insisting Pitt and Jolie’s marriage was ‘destroyed’ by jealousy. We also debunked the magazine’s claim Pitt and Jolie were headed for a ‘shocking split.’ But the happy couple’s marriage is going strong, and all contentions otherwise are completely untrue.”

Reports of cheating and loss of interest, divorce proceedings, and their beloved Chateau as a point of contention can all be put to rest, seeing as all these claims are purely tales to find some sort of imperfection in what is a clearly strong marriage between the two A-list stars.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not getting divorced and are not living separate lives.

[Feature Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Audi]