‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paul And Nicole Make A Final Two Deal, James Counts His Jury Votes, And ‘BB18’ Final HOH Round 2 Looms

Big Brother 18 is almost over and CBS will be crowning a winner in a few days. Paul Abrahamian, James Huling, and Nicole Franzel are in the final three and one of them will win $500,000 and title of the Big Brother 18 winner.

Paul voiced concern that James is “too comfortable” and worries that if he makes it to the final two, he may win the Big Brother game. Nicole feels broken without Corey in the Big Brother house and temporarily gave up on winning the game. Paul gave her a pep talk to remind her why she’s playing the game. They both feel that if they lose to James, it would be devastating because “he’s done nothing all season.” The Big Brother 18 final HOH (Head of Household) round two looms and all three houseguests are visibly nervous about the outcome of the competition.


Online Big Brother reports Paul gave Nicole a pep talk because he fears that she’s checked out of the game. He told her that they’ve come too far for her to give up now. Paul needs her to win the second round of the HOH competition, so they can go to the final two together. Paul explained that they cannot let James win the competition because of the fact he “hasn’t done anything this season, and does not deserve to win.” Nicole agrees and tells Paul she will study so she can secure her spot in the final two.

“He will win if he is there (in the final 2). He is so cocky and comfortable. It pisses me off. I worked my f**king a** off and put myself there. I don’t need to drag him there! He doesn’t deserve it. He keeps telling me to not worry about the jury.. because he doesn’t want me to think.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that Paul thinks that James will throw the HOH competition and try to convince one of them to choose to take him to the end. Paul told Nicole that he finds that sad that James has played his Big Brother game in a way that it is best for his game to throw competitions. Nicole admits that if she lost to James in the final two, she would never forgive herself, so she cannot take him to the end.


Big Brother Network reports that James believes that if he can win the next HOH competition that he has all his jury votes on “lock down.” Big Brother 18 live feeds indicate that James counted his jury votes and thinks he has five votes if he is sitting next to Paul in the end.

” If I make it to final two, I did not have to win any comps. To show America if your social game is on point, you don’t have to win any comps. I think I have the jury votes. I think the jury will definitely vote for me. I know I’ll have Nat, Michelle, Bridgette, Da, Corey… that’s my five jury votes. Those are my five votes I would win Big Brother over Paul. I’m so close.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that James told Nicole that he would throw the competition to her so she would be guaranteed to make it to the final two. Now, James is starting to rethink that strategy, and wonders if it is better that he wins it to “make sure he makes it to the final two.” Paul and Nicole are worried that if James is sitting next to either one of them in the final two that he will win because he hasn’t “made any enemies.”


Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Nicole wonders if America saw all the moves she made this summer and starts to worry that many will think she just “floated” to the end. Nicole goes over all the competition wins and power moves she made and begins to study for the second part of the HOH competition.

Big Brother swaps out the bigger table for a baby sized one. The three of them barely fit around the table, and they think back when they had the massive table in the kitchen. It hits Paul that he’s made it to the end and could be Season 18 winner. Nicole starts to cry and admits that she misses Corey Brooks and cannot wait to see him again.


Big Brother spoilers indicate that James is worried about the second part of the HOH competition. He knows he needs to win it to make it to the final two, but worries that going against Paul on finale night will be an impossible feat. James tells Paul that if it comes down to him (Paul) and Nicole in the final two, he has the advantage. Paul seemed to encourage James to throw the HOH second round competition by admitting that he’s impressed with his gameplay and how far he made it without winning many competitions.

It all comes down to the second and third round of the HOH competition. Who will win the second part of the HOH competition, Nicole or James? Who do you want to claim the title of Big Brother 18 winner?

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