Full Moon Eclipse: September 2016 Will Bring A Lunar Eclipse, Here’s How And When To See The Harvest Moon And Eclipse

This month, night time will seem a little darker. No, the world isn’t ending, but it might very well look that way. We’re going to see two very special events in the night sky this month: first up, the Harvest Moon. This otherworldly phenomenon occurs on the day closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In September 2016, this day falls on Thursday, the 22nd.

Second in line is the lunar eclipse. Accuweather mentions that viewers in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa will be the only ones that can see the eclipse. For those in North and South America, you’ll have to wait until 2017 for another one.

Lunar Eclipse September 2016
Two Images showing the Supermoon at midnight (L), and the Blood Moon (R) as the effect of a total lunar eclipse in Glastonbury, England. [Image Via Matt Cardy/Getty Images]

Interestingly enough, lunar eclipses occur two weeks away from solar eclipses. This is due to the fact that the Earth, Sun, and Moon must all align to cause this amazing event. This special alignment can happen only twice in the moon’s month-long orbit.

Of course, the Fall Equinox has special meaning in folklore as well. As About will tell you, Wiccans see the equinox as a time of balance due to equal amounts of day and night in the world. The website Religious Tolerance notes that many cultures also focus on abundance during the equinox before Old Man Winter comes to destroy the crops.

Lunar Eclipse September 2016
A Supermoon is seen during a total lunar eclipse over Washington, D.C., September 2015. [Image Via Audrey Gemignani/NASA Via Getty Images]

Lunar Eclipses are a somewhat rare event, and can happen three to four times annually. When they do, anyone who is on the night side of Earth can see them. What makes this event even more coincidental, as National Geographic notes, is that the moon will cross through Earth’s Penumbra, or light outer shadow. This is known as a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

EclipseWise.com has detailed charts and info on seeing the celestial event in your area. Interestingly, the moon will also be in Pisces at the same time. If you’re in either of the Americas, not to worry; you’ll be privy to a total solar eclipse in August 2017. TimeandDate.com also has detailed info on where and when you can see this spectacle, down to the minute.

Other night sky occurrences of note this fall include an event in the star Aldebaran, which is the eye of the constellation Taurus. As Space notes, the Moon will pass in front of the Bull’s eye and block it from view.

Additionally, November 14 will bring forth the Supermoon. This “appears larger than it is” phenomenon is caused by a moon being full and its closest to Earth at the same time.

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This celestial occurrence is truly fortuitous. Science Alert mentions that we will not see the moon being blocked and a Harvest Moon together again till 2024. You can expect this year’s event to last about three hours and be one day only. Most likely, you’ll need a telescope and/or binoculars to gaze upon this spectacle.

If you’re not lucky enough to be where the event is, you can stream it live. Slooh has online broadcasts of the event via telescopes in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Space will also be hosting it live via Slooh’s website. And you thought you’d have to fly!

During the event, the Moon will register a brightness of -0.064. For perspective, the moon’s normal brightness is around 13. The eclipsed moon will thus be far dimmer. The peak will occur at 18:54:20 Universal Time, or 4:54 a.m. for our friends in Australia.

If you’re in eastern South America, you’ll see the eclipse after sunset (between 5:30-6:30 local time). Meanwhile, Alaska viewers in the southern part of the state can expect to see the eclipse until sunset (around 7-9 p.m. local time). Note that only those in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska will probably get a good view.

Have you ever seen a Penumbral or other type of Lunar Eclipse before? Let us know what you thought, and if you’re excited for this one.

[Featured Image by VCG/VCG/Getty Images]