WWE News: WWE Planning Major Women’s Tournament Similar To The Cruiserweight Classic For Early 2017

We’re hot off the heels of the great WWE Cruiserweight Classic, where TJ Perkins shocked the world to win an amazing tournament to find the best cruiserweight wrestler in the world. The CWC was a huge hit, and WWE seems very proud of the results, as they should be. Fans absolutely loved the event and its format. We will surely see another CWC next summer, as there would be no way they would avoid doing it now that they know how successful it was for the WWE Network.

This may not be the last tournament WWE ends up doing on a yearly basis. While we will see the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic for WWE NXT again this year, it should also be noted that fans will also likely see a women’s tournament at the first of the year, according to PWInsider. Back in May, the Inquisitr reported that a women’s tournament of some kind was going to happen.

The idea back then was that if the CWC managed to be a success, WWE would go forth with the women’s tournament concept. The rough plan at the time was to make it like a new Diva Search, but with that term now retired and the WWE moving away from that type of material, it was by no means planned to be like the Diva Searches from the past. It would be a single elimination tournament, but the women may also have other things lined up.

Bayley Asuka
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Now, it looks to be that they’re going to do something similar to the Cruiserweight Classic, so everything else that may have been on deck was most likely scrapped to simply make it a normal tournament. New WWE RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon was reportedly the person in charge of the project, but we will most likely see Triple H head up the project due to his job as head of talent relations.

It is said that WWE has also spent time finding women for the tournament, just like they did with the CWC stars they brought in. William Regal and Triple H mentioned that the talent relations team were scouting people from all over the world for something with WWE in the future. The CWC then came about, and many got the call to be part of it. The same was reportedly done with this particular tournament, as WWE found women who might fit for something in the future and figured they would be best for this tournament.

However, unlike the cruiserweight situation, WWE does have a lack of women in the WWE NXT brand. Asuka still remains, but the rest are just getting started, and the star power is not now that Bayley has been called up. WWE does have faith in their girls, and they allowed people like Nikki Storm to be part of the division right away.

Beautiful People
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That said, they’re certainly not trying to bury the division on NXT by not having girls brought in just so they can do the tournament with the ladies of wrestling. The plan now is for the tournament to start around the first of the year. That means in early 2017, fans can expect to see something announced for this. It is a pretty big deal for WWE, as they’ve found that they can see some amazing people come into these tournaments and make a name for themselves.

Due to the success of the CWC, WWE has to be confident with trying out something else. Plus, fan intrigue will be higher because they know it’ll be similar to what we just saw. This could be a huge thing for WWE at the end of the day, as they can easily make stars in this tournament with the women, and that means they’ll easily be able to stack WWE NXT, as well as the main roster, with amazing new workers.

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