Mass Effect Voice Contest: Gamers Wanted For Andromeda — Bioware Is Looking For Talent

Attention gamers! Mass Effect: Andromeda is nearing the final stages of completion. Bioware is preparing to voice the dialogue for the game, but they need voice talent. Okay, maybe it does not need talent, but the developers at least thought it would be fun to have a contest. According to the company’s blog, it has begun accepting vocal entries for a contest that promises to put the winner in the upcoming title.

On September 12, Bioware made available two partial scripts for Andromeda. One voice is needed for a character named Jordan Tate.

According to the script, “Jordan Tate is a smart and talented indie documentarian eager to give the real perspective on life in Andromeda.”

The second voice that Mass Effect needs is for a “Tough Mercenary.”

Two mercenaries talk about some of the difficulties of living on the frontier and being pioneers in a new world. You are playing the role of the Tough Mercenary,” says the introduction to the script piece.

While you do not have to be a gamer to participate in the contest, it is highly likely that the competition will receive a lot of attention from gamers, especially Mass Effect fans.

Bioware is asking for video or audio submissions via email. It is encouraging contestants to post their submissions to YouTube with the hashtag, “#ExplorersWanted,” although that is not a requirement.

The company stresses that both characters are “gender-neutral,” so the contest is open to everybody. Nothing is needed other than a voice and some talent.

“Your entry will be judged on the quality of your voice performance and how well it matches the Mass Effect style,” say the developers.

Entries must be submitted by September 28, and up to two winners will be notified by November 30. Winners will be flown to a Bioware studio nearest to their residence. The developers have three studio locations; Edmonton, Canada; Los Angeles, California; and London, United Kingdom. Winners will also be provided with a 3-day/2-night hotel stay and three meals per day.

While the winners will receive the accommodations as mentioned earlier, the company does not guarantee that the voiced part will make it into the game.


This is not the first time a developer has held a contest where gamers could have their voice featured in a video game. In 2006, Activision held a voice-over contest for the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance. According to SuperHeroHype, the competition was looking for a voice for either Jean Grey or Bruce Banner. Thousands of gamers sent in submissions. The response from Bruce Banner entrants was so overwhelming that Activision expanded the contest to include a chance to voice Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

According to the Lost Media Wiki, Arin Hanson won the honor to voice Bruce Banner. However, in the final cut of the game, Arin was replaced by professional voice actor Robin Atkin Downes. It seemed that there was some confusion during the contest as Activision assumed all entrants were from the Los Angeles area, but Arin resided in Florida. Due to scheduling and fight complications, Arin did not record the voice of Bruce Banner until the last minute, and it was too late in the production cycle to get him into the final version of the game.

Mass Effect does not have as big a fanbase as Marvel, but the franchise still has a large following. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a highly anticipated sequel, so the contest is likely to see a lot of entries. Dexter Manning is one of the first entrants to post his submission to YouTube. His entry is below.

If you think you have what it takes to be the voice of a Mass Effect: Andromeda character, download the scripts and send your submission to Even if you do not win, it is possible that you may end up in the game. Activision included many losing entries in a special section of the final cut of Ultimate Alliance.

The contest ends on September 28 with the recording to be completed by December 31. Mass Effect: Andromeda is set for release in March 2017.

[Featured Image by Bioware]