Andrew McCarthy Confesses He Wore Wig For ‘Pretty In Pink’ Finale

Andrew McCarthy recently admitted that he wore a wig during the last scene of romantic movie Pretty in Pink, adding that fans who have a good eye will be able to catch what he considers his less than amazing hair in the final scene.

McCarthy spoke with Access Hollywood on Monday about his new book, The Longest Way Home, and also about the classic 1986 John Hughes movie he starred in alongside Molly Ringwald, reports Yahoo! Movies. The actor and travel buff recalled:

“We reshot the end of that movie. In the original version, [Molly’s character] ends up with Jon Cryer’s character … with Duckie. They test screened it and everybody said, ‘No, No!’ So we reshot.”

But Andrew McCarthy was called back from the theater in New York where he was working on a play when test audiences were less than impressed with the ending of Pretty in Pink. notes that, thanks to the re-shoot, the last scene now has Blane (McCarthy) winning back Andie (Molly’s character) at the prom. McCarthy stated of the re-shoot and his wig:

“I was in New York doing in a play and I had shaved my head. They threw a bad wig on me. If they knew we’d still be talking about it 25 years later, they would have paid for a better wig.”

The actor went on to say about reliving the memories of making the romance movie:

“There’s something about [those movies], I have to say, that is very endearing . I don’t think that the acting is so great a lot of the times, [but] it has that excitement of youth, that I go, ‘Yeah I get that!’ “

Can you spot the wig on Andrew McCarthy during the last scene of Pretty in Pink?