June 29, 2017
Fifth Harmony Urged To Take A Break Amid Canceled Tour Dates & Feud Rumors

Fifth Harmony fans are urging the girl band to take a break amid constant speculation of drama and feuding within the band.

Fans flocked to social media after the Fifth Harmony girls suddenly canceled six European shows on their "7/27 Tour" and rescheduled a handful of others shows set for October and November, urging the band, made up of Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, and Normani Kordei to take some time off.

"I feel like [Fifth Harmony] just need to take a break, something is up and it breaks my heart seeing them upset. Their happiness is more important," Twitter user @foxesgaga tweeted out following the canceled tour dates, while @stidham_thomas wrote, "I think [Fifth Harmony] canceled those tour stops cause they probably wanna take a break."

Other Fifth Harmony fans even used the 140-character site to send a message to the band's management amid claims of a feud forming in the group, urging the band's team to let the girls take a little time off amid their seriously busy schedule.

Fifth Harmony Urged To Take A Break Amid Canceled Tour Dates & Feud Rumors
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"Can [Fifth Harmony] take a break," @zaurenarts asked as feud reports continued to swirl. "They all are not in the best condition. Can management stop seeing them like money and start seeing them as the humans they are?"

As reported by E! News, the girls have been hit by seemingly never-ending rumors of feuds and drama within the band in recent weeks, which has got a number of fans worried about the girls' health and a potential impending break-up.

"It seems like each member has had to deal with her own set of drama, ranging from anxiety issues to freak outs on the red carpet," the site reported of the five-piece band amid the constant feud reports, before shining a light on a seriously candid interview with Billboard from earlier this year, in which Fifth Harmony each spoke out about the trappings of fame.

Normani, Ally, Lauren, Camila, and Dinah all spoke in-depth about life in the band to the magazine and appeared to hint that things many not exactly be as they imagined when all five girls audition as solo acts for The X Factor USA back in 2012.

Fifth Harmony Urged To Take A Break Amid Canceled Tour Dates & Feud Rumors
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"They sell you this present of rainbows and butterflies, and as a 16-year-old that's what I bought," Lauren said in Fifth Harmony's Billboard cover story in May. "It's why I did X Factor and why I ended up in a group. But then you're working so hard, so young."

"You're having to put on a smile on a red carpet," the Fifth Harmony star continued. "It's like, 'Who am I? Am I for myself or for this?'"

Dinah also spoke candidly about touring prior to Fifth Harmony embarking on their "7/27 Tour" earlier this year, which will see the girls perform almost 60 shows around the world by the time the shows wrap in late October.

"I love touring, but the schedule traumatized me. I was like, 'What kind of job are we doing?'" Dinah confessed of Fifth Harmony's grueling tour schedule. "I watched my great-grandmother be buried on FaceTime. We're all so family-oriented, and we've all lost people on the road."

Fifth Harmony Urged To Take A Break Amid Canceled Tour Dates & Feud Rumors
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The latest calls for Fifth Harmony to take a break come amid further drama alongside the band's recently canceled tour dates.

Most recently, Lauren broke down in tears during a performance of the band's 7/27 album track "No Way" falling to the floor in tears as Fifth Harmony performed in Arizona on September 8.

After Fifth Harmony fans flocked to Twitter to voice their concerns, Jauregui revealed on social media that the song's emotional lyrics got to her during the performance and appeared to deny claims of a feud.

"Thank you guys so much for the love and concern. I'm feeling a lot better today!" Lauren wrote on Twitter. "[The] lyrics just made me extra emotional yesterday."

Just days earlier, Camila Cabello suffered an on-stage drama of her own, failing to finish Fifth Harmony's set in Missouri after suffering from extreme anxiety.

"Hi Missouri, sorry I couldn't finish the set last night," Camila told Fifth Harmony fans in a Snapchat video after she left the stage and failed to return to close out Fifth Harmony's show. "Was having too much anxiety and couldn't finish it... I'm truly sorry."

Fifth Harmony has also been hit by rampant feud rumors in recent months, though the girls have continually denied drama within the band.

What do you think of Fifth Harmony fans urging the group to take a break amid their recent drama?

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