'American Horror Story' Spoilers: Huge Twist Coming In Season 6?

Amanda Lynne

American Horror Story fans finally got some answers about Season 6 during Wednesday night's premiere, but is all as it appears to be? The series took a new approach to its marketing and storytelling in Season 6, which left some fans a bit confused.

In the American Horror Story Season 6 premiere, fans quickly learned that the season has an interesting new format of a documentary inside a television show. Viewers watched as the characters of Shelby and Matt, played by Lily Rabe and Andre Holland, told their haunting story during a documentary titled My Roanoke Nightmare. Rabe and Holland were seen in a confessional type room re-telling the events that happened to them. Meanwhile, a re-enactment of the events is being played out using actors Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. and the on-screen Shelby and Matt.

However, this style of storytelling is letting fans know that the main characters survive the ordeal and are able to tell the story after the fact. So, how can American Horror Story Season 6 be terrifying if all the main characters survive?

According to Harper's Bazaar, a big twist may be coming in the series. Misdirection and shocking turns could all play a major part during the new season, and with multiple actors playing the same roles it may get a bit confusing. The site claims that it may all be a ploy by Ryan Murphy and company to distract viewers from what is really happening, or what will be revealed by the end of the season.

"Maybe the actor disparity is hinting at something bigger. Knowing from the outset that Matt and Shelby are alive to tell their story robs this season of a lot of its dramatic tension—unless all is not what it seems. Are Matt and Shelby really alive? For that matter, are we supposed to trust their telling of events?"

Meanwhile, fans are already trying to connect Season 6 with previous seasons. The most obvious connection from the Roanoke season is to Season 1's Murder House. In Murder House, Sarah Paulson's character, Billie Dean Howard, reveals that a Native American chief banished the ghosts of the Roanoke colonists and sealed the spell by using the word "Croatoan." However, will connections to other seasons be revealed, as well?

The anthology preview has fans remembering the five previous seasons of American Horror Story, and the other teaser clips featuring mechanical spiders and outer space abductions could connect Season 6 to past seasons such as Asylum, where aliens were one of many storylines.

On Wednesday after the premiere, American Horror Story released a new preview that didn't help clear up any of the confusion. Although Kathy Bates is featured prominently in the new clips, none of the other confirmed actors are seen.

The mystery surrounding Season 6, the confusion about the characters and storyline, along with the interesting new storytelling method the show has taken will certainly leave fans wanting more information, and coming back week after week to get it.

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story spoilers for Season 6? Do you think My Roanoke Nightmare will have a twist ending?