‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Fan Favorite Couple Returns To Salem

Days of Our Lives fans have become accustomed to their favorite characters leaving the show. However, this week news broke that two fan favorite characters would be returning to Salem in the near future.

According to Blasting News, Carrie Brady and Austin Reed, played by Christie Clark and Austin Peck, are officially making their way back to Days of Our Lives. The pair, who were once one of the main super couples on the NBC soap, will be returning to Salem soon.

Over the years Austin and Carrie have brought much drama to DOOL viewers, mostly in shared scenes with their siblings, Sami Brady and Lucas Horton. Carrie and Sami were also enemies, as Sami couldn’t stand the fact that her sister seemed to be the family’s golden child. Carrie also won the heart of Sami’s crush, Austin, which infuriated the younger sister. Sami wanted Austin for herself so badly that when she got pregnant with his brother Lucas’ child she tried to make it look like the baby belonged to Austin.

Days of Our Lives comings and goings: Carrie and Austin return to Salem.
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Meanwhile, Lucas and Austin had the same type of relationship. Lucas wanted what Austin had, which was Carrie, and he and Sami decided to team up to split up their siblings. Eventually, everyone found out the truth about baby Will’s paternity and Carrie and Austin got back together. Lucas and Sami also got together and split multiple times before Sami married EJ DiMera and left Salem after his tragic death.

During the Days of Our Lives 50th anniversary celebration the soap brought back a ton of fan favorite characters such as Bo Brady and Sami Brady. However, Austin and Carrie were noticeably absent. When Will was murdered by Ben Weston it seemed that his aunt and uncle would come home for his funeral, but the two were no-shows at the memorial as well.

The storyline that will bring Carrie and Austin back to Salem is being kept quiet for now. However, fans can speculate that any number of things would cause them to return home. Perhaps something will happen with one of their siblings. The couple could return to attend Lucas’ wedding to Adrienne, but rumors are flying that those nuptials could be interrupted by Adrienne’s ex-husband, Justin. Maybe a problem with their parents will be the reason for the homecoming. Carrie’s father is Roman Brady and Austin’s mother is Kate Roberts, and both are known for getting into trouble from time to time.

Days of our Lives spoilers: Christie Clark and Austin Peck return as Austin Reed and Carrie Brady.
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Since Days of Our Lives films about six months in advance, fans can likely expect to see Carrie and Austin’s return sometime this winter. Meanwhile, the current drama on the soap is revolving around the huge jailbreak of Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde. The three have escaped prison and are hunting down their enemies to seek revenge.

Xander has already gotten to Theresa, and nearly killed her. Thankfully, her fiance, Brady Black, stepped in to scare him off. Meanwhile, Clyde will begin seeking out his ex-girlfriend, Kate Roberts. Clyde will pull a gun on Kate, and she’ll reportedly be saved by none other than Chad DiMera. All the while, Orpheus is back to cause pain and harm to those he feels wronged him decades ago. He’s already unveiled his master plan to kill Roman, Marlena, John, and anyone else who stands in his way.

It looks like Days of Our Lives will really start heating up as the weather turns colder, and fans are so excited to see what lies ahead for their favorite Salem residents.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Are you excited that Carrie and Austin are returning to Salem?

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