Hillary Clinton Has A Serious Neurological Disorder, Fired Huffington Post Writer Claims

Robert Jonathan

Hillary Clinton is dealing with the late stages of a serious neurological disorder, former Huffington Post columnist David Seaman claims in a YouTube video that has received nearly 1 million views.

Based on the WikiLeaks email trove, Hillary Clinton staffers were researching "fairly exotic medications" for this condition as far back as 2012, he asserted.

Seaman also called out the corporate media for artificially inflating Hillary Clinton's popularity as a form of outright propaganda.

In a related development, according to a newly released Gallup poll, only 32 percent of the American public has a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. For Republicans, it's down to a marginal 14 percent. Democrats have a 51 percent trust level, however. This drops to 30 percent for independents. "Now, only about a third of the U.S. has any trust in the Fourth Estate, a stunning development for an institution designed to inform the public."

Seaman, the longtime Huff Post scribe, was abruptly fired and his log-in credentials disabled in late August after writing two articles questioning Hillary's health. The stories were also scrubbed from the website.

Parenthetically, shortly after expressing grave concerns during a Los Angeles radio interview about Hillary Clinton's health and what he considered primitive healthcare treatment she was receiving, Dr. Drew Pinsky, the ubiquitous TV physician and board-certified internist, lost his gig on CNN sister network HLN. All parties concerned insist that there is no cause-and-effect relationship between his radio comments and the show's cancellation, however.

As the entire planet knows, Hillary Clinton collapsed at the Ground Zero ceremony in New York City on Sunday morning and was whisked away by her security detail to daughter Chelsea's apartment rather than the nearest ER. This apparently is not the standard protocol for those under government protection according to a retired Secret Service agent writing in the Independent Journal Review.

Although the initial report was that she was overheated and dehydrated, Clinton's personal physician subsequently attributed the fainting spell to a previously undisclosed pneumonia diagnosis for which she is being treated with antibiotics. In a two-page letter released today, her doctor further explained that the illness is "mild noncontagious bacterial pneumonia" and reaffirmed that Hillary Clinton is otherwise healthy and fit to serve as president.

The letter also revealed that the Democrat nominee received treatment for sinusitis and an ear infection in January and underwent a follow-up brain scan in March which showed no abnormalities.

In his viral (so to speak, in this context) video which was uploaded before the pneumonia diagnosis became public, in addition to claiming that Hillary Clinton has some kind of brain illness, David Seaman -- who is not a doctor -- accused the mainstream media of "gaslighting" the American public with what he described as fake polls showing Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in the race for the White House. Gaslighting is a psychological abuse technique.

The self-described liberal insisted that Donald Trump has far more "organic support" than Hillary Clinton and is the internet's candidate. Corporate media outlets such as the New York Times, according to Seaman, are "hell bent" on getting Hillary Clinton elected by making it seem that she is the inevitable winner on Election Day, however.

In his view, with a constant rollout of negative Trump coverage, the "Orwellian" and deceptive media is trying to do to Trump what it did to Bernie Sanders when the Vermont senator unsuccessfully ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. Seaman described Trump as a moderate, sometimes abrasive businessman who is not a racist or sexist, despite what the media contends.

Watch the David Seaman video and draw your own conclusions.

Although Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are roughly the same age, and neither could be described as slim by any means, the GOP nominee maintains a full schedule of massive rallies and (often contentious) media interviews, while Clinton has a relatively light event schedule, which includes private fundraisers, even before she took time off from the campaign trail to rest up and get over her pneumonia. Trump is scheduled to discuss the results of a physical exam on the Dr. Oz show that was taped today to air tomorrow.

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