Robert Hoffman Allegedly Plans To Release More Damaging Claims About Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has barely had time to digest all the alleged child abuse claims headlines, and author Robert Hoffman is reportedly preparing to release more scandalous information about the reality show star. Ex-husband Jon Gosselin’s pal recently completed a tell-all e-book entitled, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. Amazon pulled the book after several top law firms moved to block continued sales. It had already been available for two days before being jerked from the online retailer’s virtual store shelves.

During an interview with Radar Online, Hoffman noted he is poised to release even more damaging photos and information about Kate. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the author claims to have reported the mom-of-eight to Child Protective Services after learning about alleged child abuse in the celebrity’s computer journals.

Robert Hoffman had this to say about sharing more information about Kate Gosselin:

“There is so much more that hasn’t been revealed. I also have physical and photographic evidence to back up my claims in the book. I’m also a big fan of Marty Singer and Lavely & Singer [attorneys who blocked book sales] and I’m aware of their skills and what they’re able to do for their clients. I wish they were on my side of this situation.”

Although Hoffman’s book has once again sparked the debate about which parent should have custody of the eight children, Jon Gosselin has remained publicly silent about the allegations of child abuse raised against his ex-wife. The typically talkative author appeared to skirt the issue of Jon’s feelings about the book, when asked about the father’s opinion on the matter during an email interview with Radar Online.