Michigan State University Professor Allegedly Stripped And Ran Around Classroom Shouting Obscenities

A Michigan State University professor (MSU) had an apparent meltdown on Monday, stripping off all his clothes and running around the classroom. Students in the Calculus class maintain the MSU professor was generally considered eccentric, but went way overboard this week during class, Gawker reports.

The college educator allegedly yelled curse words at the students, slammed his hands onto a window, and then pressed his face against the glass, all while continuing a screaming rant. He finally ended the tirade and walked out into the hallway momentarily. Upon his return, the MSU professor supposedly stripped down to his socks, sending the baffled college students running for the door. When police officers arrived approximately 15 minutes later, the man was reportedly still walking around his empty classroom screaming, according to The Blaze.

Students posting online about the bizarre Michigan State University incident, claim the math professor yelled, “there is no f**king God” and some peers concurred. The college teacher who allegedly had a mental breakdown was also ranting about computers, according to student accounts.

Some math scholars noted their belief that it was only a matter of time before such a scene occurred, based upon lesser rants earlier in the semester. The Michigan calculus professor reportedly voiced unusual analogies about wife beating during his class lectures. At one point during the frantic classroom outburst, the MSU teacher allegedly took a dollar bill out of his wallet and began crying.


The university has not yet released any information about the professor’s current medical status, diagnosis, or whether or not he was under the influence of drugs. The man was arrested and taken into custody by local police officers.