WWE News: Former TNA World Champion Eric Young Finally Signs With WWE — When Will He Appear?

Former TNA World Champion Eric Young made quite an impression when he showed up for one random WWE NXT episode months ago, where he took on another former TNA World Champion and then NXT Champion Samoa Joe. While Young lost his match with Joe, the impression he made in the match was more than enough to get him in more discussions with Triple H on signing a deal with the WWE.

Most assumed when we saw Eric Young the first time, he would have already signed a deal. However, when he didn’t show up again, the message was clear that he had not signed a deal just yet. It was reported that EY signed a date deal, where he worked the match with Samoa Joe and allowed him to not be attached to anything while negotiations went on. Young also had commitments to fulfill, which meant that he needed to sign later on.

Many questioned when he would end up signing something, but we wanted to know more importantly when he would actually appear for the WWE again. It has now been confirmed through the Wrestling Observer that Eric Young did indeed sign a deal with the WWE recently. The reason he has not debuted again is because WWE has been waiting for the perfect time to bring him back, which makes a lot of sense.

Some speculate that we’ll see him show up soon, while others believe WWE will wait until November to do it. WWE happens to be going back to Canada for the first time with WWE Survivor Series since the Montreal Screwjob. This is a pretty significant situation for the WWE, but with it being part of the big four, we know WWE will make it a must-see event. They’re even making the entire weekend special this year.

It was announced recently that WWE NXT Takeover: Canada will happen the night before Survivor Series. As of now, there are no matches set for the event but one that seems likely to happen is Samoa Joe facing off with Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch for the NXT Championship Joe lost at NXT: Brooklyn last month. This is the time many believe Eric Young will end up returning to the WWE, as it would make sense to show up in his native Canada.

WWE happens to be doing a “Sanity” video that continues to show up each week during commercials for WWE NXT. It is being said that the video could be simply for “Crazy” Mary Dobson, as it would make sense that they’re trying to do a video like this for her. However, it is also being speculated that the video could be for Eric Young. The reason is simply because Young has been known for his crazy antics over the years, and a gimmick in WWE that goes back to that would make a lot of sense.

Toward the end of his TNA career, he was still using a gimmick that some called crazy. That said, this video very well could be for Mary but it would also not be surprising to see it for Eric Young either. The natural assumption among most is that Young will be a top star for the NXT brand when he returns. This is mainly due to the loss of star power since the likes of Bayley, Finn Balor, and American Alpha left.

While Samoa Joe and Nakamura are currently still with NXT, one is set to leave before the year is up, while the other very well could be gone sometime near WrestleMania 33. With this being known, Triple H and the WWE staff do know that Eric Young being with the NXT brand only helps the yellow brand out when all is said and done. As a former World Champion, he certainly has shown that he can be relied upon to be a top star for a brand.

At the very least, Eric Young will help this year and early next year. The thought among most is that WWE will be signing a lot of big names in 2017, and many will go to NXT. EY could end up on the main roster by then, but for now, NXT needs him. Therefore, adding him now would be ideal, and he very well could be a major help later on when he goes to the main roster. Don’t be surprised if WWE has big plans for him, as he was the guy WWE wanted out of the TNA guys after AJ Styles.

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