PS4 Update: Folders Aren’t All You Get On PlayStation 4, As Welcome Changes Also Include HDR Compatibility

With the latest PS4 update, Sony has finally updated the firmware to match the console number. Version 4.0 might even bring back memories if you’ve purchased enough games. The original default menu featured a media bar that always pushed older apps further off the screen and eventually into the Library.

With the addition of folders, the newest PS4 update is set to make everything about that bar a lot more manageable. You can now add games and apps to folders you name so you can bundle them into groups and create sub-menus in the media bar. Keep it in mind that you can’t put folders into other folders or put an app into more than one. Despite those limitations, you now have a potentially much less cumbersome way to find your games and apps from the default menu.

One suggestion is to label your game folders as “Retro,” “Remasters,” “Current Favorites,” and perhaps “Puzzle and Casual.” This covers nearly every game currently on the console, and Twisted Metal Black isn’t buried in the Library with Tetris Ultimate any more.

For gamers who wanted more customization in their PSN profiles, Sony added the ability to take screenshots from games and use them as background images. If you have a particularly awesome screen grab from one of your favorite games, it can now be visible to anyone who checks your profile. You can also customize your quick menu options so you’re not stuck with the list the console gives you.

The quick menu (brought up by holding down the PS button on the DualShock 4) and the Share menu have also been reduced in size so they don’t take up the entire screen. You also have the option of planning a live stream for your Facebook friends at a specific time in full 1080p.

Of course, you might still want to simply save that 15-minute video of your epic gameplay and then edit and share it with a YouTube link later.

Probably the least useful addition in the latest PS4 update is the HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility. For now, all you might do with it is watch Netflix in upscaled 4K, provided you have a TV capable of that resolution, according to Mashable. Around the time the PlayStation 4 Pro hits, that option should become more prevalent in new games and updated apps.

Another addition with PS4 update 4.0 is good news for those trophy hunters. People who aren’t satisfied with merely beating the game often keep going just to unlock trophies and raise their PSN gamer level. There always seem to be those pesky hidden trophies you had to look up online just to see what they were, but the new trophy menu changes that. Now, all you need to do is hit the square button when viewing the trophy.

For those of you who plan on upgrading to the PlayStation 4 Pro in November, the latest PS4 update now allows a LAN network so you don’t need to do the whole USB flash drive routine to transfer all of your apps and game saves to the new hardware. Unfortunately, this means you would need to buy a second 2TB hard drive to swap that way from one you currently have (PS4 is still the only one with the option to manually upgrade the hard drive).

PS4 update 4.0 might seem a bit hefty with what it adds, but the changes might keep PlayStation 4 owners from ditching it for a Scorpio due to the Pro’s lack of a 4K Blu-ray player.

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