Rob Kardashian Hates Blac Chyna Friendship With ‘KUWTK’ Sisters: Learning About Couple’s Secrets?

Rob Kardashian isn’t happy about the close friendship Blac Chyna has formed with her fiancé’s famous siblings, who are the first people the former stripper runs to when she finds herself arguing with the TV star.

In the beginning, Rob was desperate to have Blac befriend his siblings after all the drama that had transpired concerning Tyga and his relationship with 19-year-old Kylie Jenner.

But now that all of the feuding and arguments have been left in the past, Rob Kardashian realizes how much of a mistake it was to have Blac become best pals with the likes of Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney.

According to Hollywood Life, whenever the duo finds themselves bickering about something, Blac Chyna instantly informs his family members about it, asking them for advice on how to deal with Rob in situations where she feels hopeless.

And from what the outlet’s sources have gathered, the 29-year-old absolutely hates the fact that he then has to sit down with his sisters to discuss the problems that are occurring in his relationship with Chyna. The worst part of it all is that all of his siblings always side with Chyna because she is heavily pregnant and certainly doesn’t need all the stress Rob is giving her.

The Kardashians know how hard it is to deal with Rob, who they often brand as extremely sensitive. In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe admits that she sometimes holds back her true feelings about situations concerning Kardashian in fear that he’ll seclude himself again and return to his deep depression.

But considering that he’s bound to become a father in the next couple of weeks, the Kardashian sisters have come together and helped Chyna out, dealing with Rob, who has found himself disappearing from the home he shares with Blac on several occasions since they moved in together.

“Rob always wanted Kylie, Khloe, Kourt and the rest of the sisters to accept Blac as one of their own and now that they have, it creates unneeded drama for Rob,” one source revealed. “Blac shares all of her problems concerning Rob to all the sisters and he has to hear about it from everyone.”

Hollywood Life is very vocal when continuing to stress that Rob Kardashian doesn’t have any male figures in the family that he can talk to the way Blac can with his sisters. Scott Disick is one of the few men that still stands to be attached to the family, but with the socialite’s own issues, having checked into rehab on multiple occasions in the past two years, Rob wouldn’t exactly want to seek advice from him.

“Rob is tired of hearing his family worry about him. He wants and needs space to be a man and do things his own way,” the insider added, alleging that Rob has strongly considered the idea of moving to New York City to raise his baby girl.

A recent report claimed that Rob being in Calabasas is toxic for him and his relationship with Blac Chyna. The intrusion from fans, photographers, and his own family members is evidently becoming too much for him — he needs his privacy, ET Online shares.

And now that he’ll soon be welcoming his daughter into the world, Rob Kardashian wants to raise the little girl his way, without his sisters trying to force themselves on their brother and his duties as a father.

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]