Jim Bob Duggar Disgusts ‘Counting On’ Fans After Forbidding Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo From Swapping Spit

Jim Bob Duggar is still popping up on Season 2 of Counting On, and some fans of the show are not happy about that. Many viewers thought that the Duggars’ new reality series was solely going to focus on the adult Duggar children and those fans are letting TLC know that the network risks alienating them by allowing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to tag along every time Jinger Duggar goes anywhere with her beau, Jeremy Vuolo.

As Us Weekly reports, the most recent episode of Counting On showed Jinger Duggar and her parents meeting Jeremy Vuolo’s mother and father in person for the first time. Jim Bob, Michelle, and Jinger flew out to Laredo, Texas where Jeremy works as a preacher at a small church. During their lunch at Jeremy’s favorite Mexican food restaurant, Jim Bob proceeded to make everyone feel incredibly awkward by shaming Jeremy for not making very much money. The former 19 Kids and Counting star also told his 29-year-old future son-in-law that he’s not allowed to kiss 22-year-old Jinger.

Jim Bob Duggar informed Jeremy Vuolo that Jinger loves shopping at thrift stores, meaning he’ll have to support her obsession with finding stylish bargain clothing. Jim Bob suggested that Jeremy take on a second job to supplement his “modest preacher’s salary,” and Jeremy was so uncomfortable that he didn’t even respond to this suggestion.

“It kind of put me on the spot there,” Jeremy later told the Counting On cameras of Jim Bob’s decision to grill him over his finances.

Jeremy’s parents stayed silent during this awkward interaction instead of pointing out that Jinger is an able-bodied human who is also capable of working. She’s also a reality show star who has been appearing on her family’s lucrative shows for eight years, so she should have some of her own money to spend.

Unfortunately for Jeremy, his lunch conversation with Jim Bob Duggar didn’t get any less cringe-worthy. The Duggar family patriarch proceeded to tell Jinger and Jeremy that they should live in Arkansas instead of Texas, and he quizzed Jeremy about the crime rate in Laredo. Jeremy kept trying to shrug off Jim Bob’s questions, and Jim Bob clearly wasn’t happy with the way the conversation was going.

“It’s kind of like you’re on the gas pedal, I’m on the brake pedal,” Jim Bob told Jeremy and Jinger. “You’re still getting to know each other, two months and counting. I just don’t think they’re at the place to swap spit yet.”

Jeremy responded to Jim Bob’s comments by smiling and sipping on his orange juice.

Many outraged Counting On viewers are not happy that Jim Bob Duggar was filmed trying to forbid his daughter and her fiancé from kissing. Over on the Counting On Facebook page, some of these viewers let TLC know that they don’t want to see Jim Bob on the show.

“I enjoyed the show tonight with the exception of Jim Bob making his presence. He didn’t protect his girls from harm years ago, so he doesn’t have the right to posture as their guardian in matters of the heart,” Pam Watson Weaver wrote.

“I thought this show was supposed to be about the older daughters and their families. Why are Jim Bob and Michelle still involved?” Holly Palfy asked. “Have we all forgotten that they turned their head while their son MOLESTED his sisters??!! Get them off the show! I don’t want to see Jim Bob supervising his ADULT daughters and the decisions they make. Go home and raise your young children!”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, many of the Duggars’ fans don’t believe that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar should be getting paychecks from TLC because of the role they played in Josh Duggar’s sexual molestation scandal. The parents did not report Josh’s behavior to the proper authorities after he came to them and confessed that he was molesting his younger sisters over a decade ago, and Jim Bob and Michelle allowed their son to continue living under the same roof as his young victims. Because of this, Josh kept molesting his siblings.

Fans have already expressed their displeasure with Jim Bob and Michelle’s appearances on previous Counting On episodes, and it’s possible that the parents are hurting the show’s ratings. The series’ total number of viewers has been dropping every week, with Showbuzz Daily reporting that the number dipped below one million for the first time last Tuesday.

It’s unclear whether Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s increase in Counting On screentime is solely responsible for the steady ratings decline, but it is clear that some viewers are upset about their presence on the show.

[Image via TLC]