September 13, 2016
'Glee' Naya Rivera 'Not Shocked' At Mark Salling Child Pornography Charges

In her new memoir, Glee alum Naya Rivera is calling out former flame Mark Salling, saying that she is "not shocked" about his current indictment for child pornography. In Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up, Rivera says that she is absolutely not sorry her relationship with Salling, who played Noah Puckerman, or Puck on Glee, didn't work out.

Mark Salling, formerly of the hit show Glee, is expected in court next week for a hearing of the child pornography charges against him, says the Inquisitr. Mark Salling's home was raided by the LAPD after an investigation that led them to believe that he was in possession of child pornography that included young children. Salling is currently out on bail, but he was released from his current project when the news of his indictment hit the press. Salling is currently wearing an ankle monitor, and must stay away from schools and parks where children might congregate.

Page Six says that former Glee co-star Naya Rivera wrote in her new memoir that she heard the news of Mark Salling's arrest for child pornography from her son's nanny.

"My son's nanny actually told me about it when the story broke. I can't say I was totally shocked, but still — WTF? Then I had no doubt that God really did have my back along the way. When Mark dumped me, I thought it was the worst thing ever, but can you imagine if that didn't happen? And I was laying there in bed when the battering ram came through the door?"


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Rivera claims that she should have known from the beginning that her relationship with Mark Salling was doomed by the way it started while they were both working on Glee. Rivera says that on their first date, Salling got stoned in his car, and he took her to In-N-Out Burger, and then to Fright Fest at Six Flags where he took many photos with the park performers, "and none with her."

Naya Rivera also claims that even though the couple dated for three years, Salling told her that his publicist said to make pretend that he was single to maintain his "heartthrob" status, but Rivera says she didn't buy it.

"I had a feeling his pretending to be single had less to do with his publicist and more to do with his d**k."

The Hollywood Gossip says that Naya Rivera admits that she didn't take the news that Mark Salling cheated on her well, and she trashed his car with dog food and bird seed. Rivera also claims that any new cast member of Glee was fresh meat for Salling, saying it was like meat being dropped into a piranha tank. She claims when the news came out about Salling's current legal problems, she was hardly surprised.

"I was all, 'No, duh' when I found out my ex likes kiddie porn is a sentiment she actually felt comfortable expressing in an edited and published book about her life."

For the record, Mark Salling is pleading not guilty to child pornography charges per Us Weekly. Salling was indicted on federal charges, so after his last arraignment, he changed lawyers to one who specializes in his current charges. Salling was working on Gods and Secrets when the charges came down, and he was fired by director Adi Shankar, who is committed to donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity for abused children.

"He has been cut from the miniseries, I will personally be paying for the reshoots and I hope that Mark finds inner peace. Furthermore, a percentage of profits from the project will go to a charity for abused children."

Do you blame Naya Rivera for including the story about Glee co-star Mark Salling in her memoir?

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