Stacy Stanley Found Dead: 40-Year-Old Woman Goes Missing After Getting Flat Tire At Gas Station, Body Found In Ashland Home

Just a week after 43-year-old Stacy Stanley went missing from the BP gas station on the corner of East Main Street and Union Street, relatives confirm that she was found dead inside a home in Ashland, Ohio, according to the News Net 5.

Ashland police officials say that after receiving a call about a woman being held against her will early Tuesday morning, they were dispatched to an area on East 4th Street and Covert Court.

Upon police arrival, they found the woman – who police are not identifying – nearby and she led police officials to the home where she was being held captive.

Once inside, police made a shocking discovery. The remains of two unidentified women were also found inside the home.

Police arrested 40-year-old Shawn Michael Grate at the scene.

While in custody, Grate admitted to police officials that he killed another woman and directed them to the body in Madison Township. The body of a woman was found in a wooded area behind an abandoned house.

Among the three women found dead was a missing Huron County, Ohio, woman, whose family said she went missing after calling them last Thursday, September 8, about having car trouble at a local gas station.

“My last conversation with her was about a tire. I mean, I’ll never get to see my mom again and I can’t take that back,” her son Curtis said.

When Stanley never made it home that day, relatives went searching for her but when the woman’s abandoned car was found, they reported her missing.

Relatives began posting missing persons flyers across town when “nothing was done by authorities.”

However, their search came to a poignant end when they received a call from Ashland police, asking them to come to the station. After arriving, investigators showed the relatives several pictures of three woman who were found dead inside an Ashland home.

Relatives confirmed that one of the bodies found inside the home was Stanley.

Now, all her son is worried about is if his mother was scared and screaming, as well as “how she died. I have to live with that the rest of my life,” he said.

A conference was held Tuesday afternoon where Stanley’s relatives spoke up about her disappearance and stated that “police refused to look for her” after they reported her missing, according to KOMO News.

“We would’ve liked to have had some help,” said a relative. “I prayed to god my niece Stacy, the one who has been missing since Thursday, her car was found up here on nineth street. She had been abducted from a BP station. We got a hold of every cop, sheriff to help us, we had zero help from them.”

“We combed this area and shook this guy’s cage, got him rattled, and he screwed up because we’re banging on his door last night where they were being held and he got rattled because of what the community did, what their family had done. We combed this area and rattled his cage. No thanks to police officers.”

Stanley’s son added that “when you tell the police officer something is wrong, something is wrong. My mom was missing Thursday night. I know my Mom and so does my family better than anybody.”

“It took them two to three days to even consider putting a missing person’s report out.”

A woman, Stephanie Rocker, who lives near the Ashland house where the bodies were found, stated that while her daughter was doing laundry one day, Grate approached her and asked her “come over to the house. She said ‘no,’ and he said, ‘well, could I walk you home with your basket.’”

Rocker stated that she hates to think what might have happened if her daughter agreed to go to the suspect’s house.

“It is very sad. We have children and it could have been any one of our daughters,” she said.

Circumstances leading up to the deaths of the three women and their abduction has not been released.

Grate is being held at the Ashland County Jail on charges of abduction at this time.

An investigation is ongoing.

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