NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Bosh To Raptors, Jared Sullinger, Patrick Patterson, And Terrence Ross To Heat

The latest NBA trade rumors are hinting at a possible reunion between Chris Bosh and the Toronto Raptors. Bosh played his first seven NBA seasons in Toronto and made his name as a perennial NBA All-Star during his time north of the border. Much like LeBron James returning to Cleveland, Bosh may get the opportunity to restart his career in the place where it all began.

According to the Parent Herald, the Miami Heat are considering a deal with the Raptors that would send power forward/center Chris Bosh back to his original NBA home. Toronto is said to be willing to part with power forwards Jared Sullinger and Patrick Patterson, as well as shooting guard/small forward Terrence Ross, in an attempt to bring Bosh back to Canada.

Chris Bosh would be considered untouchable in the trade market if not for his recent health problems. Bosh has missed nearly 70 games over the past two seasons after being diagnosed with blood clots. The team has been hesitant to put Bosh back on the basketball floor due to the severe complications that could arise from playing with his medical condition.

Bosh is taking blood thinners to treat his blood clots, which could be a major issue if he bleeds while playing basketball for the Heat. An individual with blood clots is also at serious risk of having a stroke (per the Mayo Clinic), so the gamble involved with Chris Bosh continuing his NBA career is a prodigious one. If Bosh plays and suffers a significant complication as described, there would be legal ramifications for the Miami Heat — and that potential liability is the primary reason the team is being so cautious with their six-foot-11 All-Star.


The Raptors are arguably coming off the most successful season in team history. Toronto earned the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference by virtue of their outstanding 56-26 regular season record. The Raptors won a tough seven-game series against the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat before falling in six games to the eventual NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Toronto has now had a taste of prosperity, so they are exploring the trade market with the hope of taking the next step in 2016-17 and challenging the Cavs for Eastern Conference supremacy.

In examining this NBA trade rumor, the first thing that must be mentioned is that this trade cannot happen now. Jared Sullinger just signed a one-year deal with Toronto in July, so the team can’t trade him until around mid-season (December 15). The Raptors could substitute point guard Cory Joseph to make this trade work under NBA trade and salary cap rules, but that changes the face of this rumored deal quite a bit.

The Miami Heat are interested in ridding themselves of their drama with Chris Bosh, but they would not send him to Toronto for Joseph, Patterson, and Ross. The Heat might be more inclined to do a deal that included Jared Sullinger, but if that three-player package is all they can get for Bosh, they would likely hold onto him and see if he can conquer his health issues.

NBA trade rumors are swirling around Chris Bosh, and with good reason. However, the four-player deal that is currently being talked about in cyberspace is not allowed under NBA trade restrictions. It is possible that Miami would consider the rumored offer later in the season if things aren’t going well with Bosh, but if the Heat had to make this trade today, they would politely ask the Raptors to move on.

[Featured Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]