Ann Curry: Back On TODAY More Often In An Alleged Effort To Boost Ratings

Ann Curry is slated to make more appearances on the TODAY show in what some allege is an effort to curtail plunging ratings. The recently axed co-anchor and Matt Lauer could once again be sharing screen time, a scene which many fans likely never thought they would see again.

The journalist may still be stinging from her early departure from the morning show, but she plastered a smile on her face and kept on reporting for other NBC news programs. TODAY show producer Jim Bell recently took the fall for removing Ann from the anchor desk, but the public admission has done little to diminish the backlash against Matt Lauer surrounding the popular reporter’s departure.

A Radar Online source had this to say about Curry’s return to the set:

“Ann Curry reported for the TODAY show on Monday morning from the Syrian border, and she will be featured on a much more routine basis going forward. Ann is truly diong what she loves the most now, reporting from war-torn countries and bringing viewers stories of people that are affected by the destruction in the region. Fans of the TODAY show let the network know they missed seeing Ann and the plan going forward is to use her more. Hopefully that might bolster the show’s failing ratings.”

A New York Post source maintains that Matt Lauer was sick of being a “punching bag” over the Curry removal debacle and wanted Bell to publicly discuss how the staff decision allegedly came about. Reporting from the field is Ann’s strength, according to the insider source. She is expected to be reporting from Africa over the course of the next several months.