Kelly Dodd On ‘RHOC’ Accident 2016: Why She Didn’t Drive To See Vicki Gunvalson

Kelly Dodd was very critical on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County as Meghan King Edmonds and Shannon Beador didn’t rush to the hospital to be by Vicki Gunvalson’s side. Kelly and Heather Dubrow were still in shock after the dune buggy accident when they started making calls to their co-stars about what had happened, so when Meghan didn’t see the urgency or need for her to go to the hospital, Kelly and Heather got furious. They were angry with their co-stars, but people are wondering why the ladies didn’t leave the desert themselves to go home.

According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she tried to go with Vicki Gunvalson when the helicopter came, but she wasn’t allowed. Since they were in shock over the accident, they couldn’t get in their RV and drive back to Orange County. And now, Dodd is revealing that she couldn’t drive at night either, which is why it made sense for her to have Meghan and Shannon visit Gunvalson.

“Everyone is asking me why I didn’t go see Vic? I tried going in helicopter. I had my hus/kid there. I can’t drive at night & its4hrs away,” Kelly Dodd revealed on Twitter this morning after reading through many tweets from viewers who asked her why she didn’t leave the desert to go be by her friend’s side.

On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Dodd revealed that she had indeed tried to go with Vicki on the helicopter when she was injured. However, the doctors didn’t want her flying on the helicopter, as there was no extra space. She was forced to go back to camp with Heather Dubrow, where she popped open a beer.

“It was a 4 hr drive and she got released that night and our producers were there. Those other ones were 30 min away!” Kelly Dodd later revealed about Vicki, revealing that the ladies could have easily gone to visit their co-star.

It sounds like Kelly has plenty of critical followers on Twitter, as she’s often blaming false or fake accounts for comments that she doesn’t agree with. As it turns out, Dodd is learning that some people simply don’t like her.


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“Can’t just assume that every hate tweet you get is from a fake acc. There are people out there who actually don’t like you,” one person pointed out, to which Kelly Dodd replied, “ok!! So people don’t like me.. I could give two sh*ts!”

Part of the misunderstanding has to do with the way the accident was communicated to Meghan and Shannon. When Heather and Kelly Dodd called the ladies, Kelly was drinking a beer, and it didn’t seem to be as serious as Tamra Judge later communicated. Once they realized how serious it was, both King Edmonds and Beador reached out to Vicki.

“It happened so fast, we could only hold on for dear life and hope for the best. My life flashed before my eyes and all I could think about was my beautiful daughter and what if I never saw her again?” Kelly Dodd revealed on her Bravo blog, adding, “It’s hard to tell from the footage, but the roof of the dune buggy collapsed on top of Heather and Tamra’s heads. The roof was extremely heavy, maybe 70 to 100 pounds. Get all that weight moving, and the force hitting them was unbelievable. It’s a miracle they survived the impact.”

What do you think of Kelly Dodd’s tweets about why she didn’t go to visit Vicki Gunvalson in the hospital after the accident? Do you understand why Kelly is so critical of her co-stars?

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