Vizio Reveals ‘Extra Larger’ HDTVs Just In Time For Holiday Shopping

California based Vizio, Inc. on Tuesday rolled out a new line of slim and large-sized HDTVs with Smart TV technology.

Known as the E-Series, the new lineup of 1080p supported TVs start at just under $1000 with an entry level size of 55 inches.

According to Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer at Vizio:

“The new E-Series units, which are the first of many large-size VIZIO models, give consumers access to great technology on an even bigger scale. The larger units provide more screen space with a narrower border around the picture, allowing consumers to get the most out of the crystal-clear Razor LED picture for a more immersive, WIFI enabled experience.”

The TV sets feature Vizio Smart TV technology which allows users to connect their HDTV with Vizio Internet Apps over WiFi. Using the system, Vizio customers can connect to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, and other streaming services. The TVs support remote control and keyboard access, and other apps are also available.

Buyers will receive a crisp, high-quality LED that outputs with a 120Hz refresh rate. According to Vizio:

“The large 60″ and 70″ units also auto-adjust the picture to room lighting, feature SRS StudioSound HD™ for clear audio and use less energy than conventional LCD HDTVs.”

Here is the full TV lineup and pricing guide:

VIZIO 55″ Class Razor LED™ Smart TV (M550VSE) – $949.99
VIZIO 60″ Class Razor LED™ Smart TV (E601i-A3) – $999.99
VIZIO 65″ Class Razor LED™ Smart TV (M650VSE) – $1,499.99
VIZIO 65″ Class Razor LED™ Smart TV with Theater 3D (M3D651SV) – $1,699.99
VIZIO 70″ Class Razor LED™ Smart TV (E701i-A3) – $1,999.99
VIZIO 58″ 21:9 Cinemawide Class LED Smart TV with Theater 3D (XVT3D580CM – $1,999)

Do you think Vizio will strike gold with its oversized HDTVs that are moderately priced for the holiday shopping season?