Alexis Arquette Changed To A Man Again Shortly Before Death As Shown In Final Photo

Alexis Arquette allegedly changed to a man again shortly before dying on September 11. According to former boyfriend Robert Dupont, Arquette, 47, was living as a man again when the two had lunch together less than a month ago.

Radar Online shared a photo of Alexis Arquette that was posted by Dupont on his Facebook account on Monday. The photo shows Arquette dressed as a man again with a short haircut and sunglasses.

Only a small yellow flower in Arquette’s blond hair gives any indication that the transgender actress spent several years as a female after transitioning from a male in her late 30s. Dupont says he and his twin brother, Richard, had lunch with Alexis Arquette not even a month before she died from complications of an AIDS-related illness, as reported by People Magazine on Monday. Dupont refers to Arquette as “him” during a recent interview with Radar Online, where he talked about the final photo.

According to Dupont, who dated Arquette in the 1990s, the photo on his Facebook account was taken the same day the three close friends had lunch together. Dupont shared the photo of Alexis Arquette on Monday as a tribute to the late cabaret performer and transgender activist, and the pic was captioned with “Love you Alexis. RIP my shining star.” The photo clearly shows that Arquette had gone back to dressing as a man, a decision that was reportedly supported by friends and family.

Dupont even claims that Arquette had asked him for any spare clothes he didn’t wear anymore during their lunch in Santa Monica. Dupont replied back that he only had a few things with him at the time. According to Dupont, he was visiting from Palm Springs, but he promised to send some items to Arquette when he got back home, saying he had “put together a box for him” but never got to send it before Arquette passed on Sunday.

Fans wonder if Alexis Arquette, who was born Robert Arquette in 1969, regretted the transition to a woman, even though Arquette took an interest in playing opposite sex roles in her late teens. In 1986, Arquette actually played a gender ambiguous character in the comedy Down and Out in Beverly Hills. That role, at the age of 17, as an “androgynous friend and bandmate,” was reportedly Arquette’s uncredited big-screen debut as Alexis, even though he didn’t completely transition from Robert to Alexis until several years later.

Most of Arquette’s acting roles consisted of drag queen, transvestite, and transgender characters. But was Alexis Arquette truly happy living as a woman in real life? Some fans say no and that Arquette made the switch back to the gender he was most comfortable with to live out the last months of his life as his original identity. Others think it may have just been easier for Alexis Arquette to live as a man instead of woman as he battled with AIDS, an infection that had spread to his liver, as well as an inoperable tumor.


Still, others say that it doesn’t matter what gender Alexis Arquette identified with before death and that their hearts go out to the Arquette family. People Magazine reports that the Arquette family remembered Alexis in a lengthy statement on Sunday.

Part of the statement reads, “Alexis was a brilliant artist and painter, a singer, an entertainer and an actor.”

“As Alexis transitioned into being a woman, she taught us tolerance and acceptance. As she moved through her process, she became our sister, teaching us what real love is.”


Alexis Arquette, who documented her transition from male to female in the 2007 film, Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother, said in a video interview in 2009 with Larry King that she lived in a “pretty liberal family” who always completely supported her decision to live as a trans person, even though they feared she would “receive a lot of flack from people on the street.”

[Photo by Robert Bertoia/Getty Images]