‘Outlander’ Showrunner Ronald D. Moore Teases Season 3, Plus Everything We Know About Jamie’s Love Child [Watch]

Production for Season 3 of Outlander is in full swing. While fans are doing everything to survive this year’s Doughtlander, showrunner Ronald D. Moore recently teased what to expect when Outlander returns to Starz next year.

According to Gold Derby, Moore discussed the new season during an appearance at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

“It’s very exciting,” Moore teased in the clip. “The third book’s called Voyager and it’s as different from the second season as the second was from the first.”

Season 1 of Outlander focused on Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) adventures in Scotland while Season 2 shifted to Paris, France.

“[Season 3] involves a sea voyage and going to the Caribbean and to Jamaica and it has war elements and more 20th-century stuff and back-and-forth time travel elements,” Moore explained. “It’s a big, new, brand-new season.”

@SamHeughan brings a whole new meaning to fierce. #Outlander Season 3 production has officially begun!

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In addition to the video, the Wrap is reporting that producers have unveiled the first look at Jamie next season. The photos feature Jamie in his Scottish garb during the Battle of Culloden and include a few shots of Jamie covered in blood.

Season 3 is expected to pick up right after the events of Season 2, which includes Jamie’s fight in the historic battle.

Of course, Claire traveled back to her own time during the Outlander finale to live with her husband Frank (Tobias Menzies) and raise her new daughter.

Jamie and Claire are separated for 20 years before she realizes that he actually survived the bloody battle. In the books, Jamie’s suffering is more physical than mental, while Claire can’t quite escape her emotions after being separated from Jamie for so long. While Claire struggles to adjust to her new life in the 1950s, Jamie deals with the devastating loss at the Battle of Culloden.

If Moore and company stick to Diana Gabaldon’s books, then fans can expect some of the material to be featured next season, including the more shocking events.

The time travelling couple will eventually reunite in Season 3 before heading off to the exotic locations Moore described. However, before they reunite, the show will track Jamie as he wanders around Scotland and tries to find a new life for himself — one without Claire.

According to Vine Report, there is a possibility that Jamie even finds love and fathers a son by another woman.

Following the events in Season 2, Jamie leaves the battlefield defeated and is forced to go into hiding. For close to a decade, he lives in a cave near Lallybroch.

After learning that his sister’s family is starving and in need of money, Jamie turns himself in to get the ransom money. Jamie is then sentenced to a prison term in Ardsmuir, where he reunites with an older Lord John Grey (David Berry).

We have our Lord John Grey. Welcome to the clan @mrdavidberry! #Outlander

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Despite their earlier disagreements, Jamie and Lord John develop a lasting friendship. In fact, Lord John even helps Jamie secure parole in the form of working on an estate for Lord William Dunsany.

During his time as Dunsany’s groom, Jamie meets 17-year-old Geneva, who quickly falls in love with the Scotsman. Before their wedding night, Jamie and Geneva sleep together, resulting in her pregnancy. Geneva eventually gives birth to a baby boy named William Ransom.

It still isn’t clear if the show will include this storyline in Season 3 and Starz has yet to announce if anyone will be playing the role of young Ransom.

Producers also haven’t released casting information on older Fergus, a Chinese man, Yi Tien Cho, and Jamie’s nephew, Ian Fraser.

Season 3 of Outlander is scheduled to premiere in early 2017 on Starz.

Tell us! Which part of Voyager are you looking forward to seeing on TV in Season 3? Let us know in the comments below, and check out Ronald D. Moore discussing Season 3 of Outlander below.

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