‘Make Colleyville Great Again’: Donald Trump-Themed High School Pep Rally Prompts Racism Allegations

School officials at Colleyville Heritage High School in Texas have offered an apology after students created signs and banners for a Donald Trump-themed pep rally that was deemed “racist” and “disgusting,” according to the WFAA.

During a “Make Colleyville Great Again” pep rally Friday morning, September 9, students posted a banner that displayed a wall with a caption that read: “Paid for by Trinity.”

Another banner read: “Colleyville is going to Trump Trinity tonight.”

Colleyville Heritage was to later play against Trinity High School’s football team in Euless.

The pictures were later posted online, which sparked social media outrage where countless of people called the Trump-themed pep rally banners “racist and disgusting.”

“I’m embarrassed to say I went to this school,” said a person on Twitter.

The caption was in reference to Trump’s immigration policies, but many believe the school went too far as it was “targeted at a school that’s more diverse and in a less economically advantaged area.”

Current Colleyville High School students were also furious over the banners.

Sophomore Ty Stiles stated that the banners were in “poor taste” and added, “it doesn’t reflect what everyone thinks in this community.”

Students at Trinity High School weren’t at all thrilled by the banners, including alumni Nahil Hamam, who called the Trump-themed pep rally “disgusting.”

“I remember other high schools being snobby and backhanded about our socioeconomic status when I was at Trinity high school but this is just too far.”

“Colleyville Heritage had a ‘Trump Trinity’ themed pep rally and you cannot for one second tell me this is just purely light-hearted alliteration, much less good sportsmanship.”

“I rarely, if ever, get political on Facebook, but I’m not sure where else to turn. Trinity’s diversity was something I’ve always been proud of. ‘Trump Trinity’ is sick and destructive. Where the h*ll are the adults to steer our community’s youth from this destructive train of thought? Oh, that’s right, they’re probably the ones jeering it on.

Hamam added that although the wall banner with the caption “Paid by Trinity” was a joke, it was offensive and she doesn’t believe that “there is not a race and wealth-based insult behind it.”

A parent of one of the students who made the Trump signs stated that they were approved by the school, but the school stated that all signs and banners were not approved, according to the Daily Mail.

However, Colleyville student leaders later issued an apology letter, which stated as follows:

“There is nothing that we can say that will stop the hurt caused by what happened last week, ­ so we simply want to say we are sorry that anything we did has hurt the Trinity community. We acknowledge that what we did was wrong. We did not mean to offend anyone and we can promise it will not happen again.

“The actions of last week do not demonstrate who we are. We are not ignorant to the dialogue taking place across the nation and that is not how we want our school to be viewed. At Colleyville Heritage, we celebrate and take pride in our own diversity and we appreciate the diversity at Trinity High School.”

The letter continued as follows:

“In addition to offending the Trinity community, we have offended students on our own campus ­so we are trying to make things right at Colleyville Heritage and with Trinity. This is a huge learning experience for all of us and we will use this as a teachable moment to correct our mistakes. Now we can only look forward in how we can make this better.”

Following the Trump-themed high school pep rally racism allegations, all signs “will have to be approved by a school administrator.”

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