‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Enduring A New Normal – Can They Reclaim Their Lives From Negan? [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on AMC next month. Most fans are counting down the days but are also nervous to find out who Negan killed. Until the zombie apocalypse show airs new episodes, what are the latest spoilers? Recently, Scott M. Gimple revealed how Rick Grimes and the Alexandrians will respond to Negan’s law.

TWD spoilers are ahead. If you do not want to know any details regarding the upcoming season, then stop reading.

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On the season finale of The Walking Dead, Negan arrived and took the life of at least one major character. Even though his debut was highly anticipated, who died on TWD was hidden. Several months later and fans will finally find out who lost their lives. However, that will not be the only thing to expect from Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character. For quite some time, he will torment the Alexandrians, especially Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). What happens after the Season 7 premiere and will they ever get their lives back?

According to TVLine, showrunner Scott M. Gimple answered that question. In the beginning, they will have to obey Negan’s law or suffer the consequences. A promo clip for The Walking Dead shows Negan using his barbed wire baseball bat to bang on Alexandria’s gates at night. He warns that he is everywhere. Knowing that he has tons of Saviors on his side, he probably does have eyes in every direction. There might even be one person who is on the inside of Alexandria.

However, don’t expect Rick and the others to endure this new normal forever. There will come a time when the group will battle for their freedom. The Walking Dead showrunner said the group will still want to win back their lives. As comic book readers know, this means war is coming. Most likely it will either happen after the midseason finale or perhaps fans will have to wait until Season 8. In either case, it means that Negan will not be a character that is dealt with quickly. He is not like the Governor, Joe and the Claimers, or Gareth of Terminus.

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In The Walking Dead comics, Alexandria, Hilltop Colony, and The Kingdom join forces. Their battle with Negan and the Saviors is one with plenty of casualties. Rick tries to kill him but is unsuccessful. Negan is then captured, and still he continues to cause problems for Rick Grimes. It seems that the core of this storyline will be seen in the television series. However, some worry that Negan might get watered down.

As for Negan’s purpose in The Walking Dead, executive producer Greg Nicotero spoke with IGN about this back in June.

“The main thing about Season 7 is establishing that the world isn’t what everybody thinks it is, the world out there. At the end of Season 6, Rick was so confident. ‘We’re just going to knock out that outpost, we’re going to f**k these guys up before they f**k us up,’ and it ends with him going, ‘Heh, oh well, I had no idea. What I perceived as the world is not even close to what the reality of the world is,’ and Negan’s there to show him that.”

As to the question about human predators becoming the focus rather than walkers, Nicotero denied that this would ever happen. The executive producer explained that it is always about the undead being present. They will still be a threat and a danger, just like they always have.

What do you think of what Scott M. Gimple had to say about Negan’s law and how Alexandria will respond? Will Season 7 mimic Robert Kirkman’s comic books or go in a different direction? Find out when AMC airs new episodes of The Walking Dead on October 23.

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