Utah High School Cheerleaders: Squad Reportedly Told Not To Wear Uniforms Because A Boy Had 'Impure Thoughts'

Patricia Ramirez

Reportedly, an entire squad of 44 female Utah high school cheerleaders were put on notice last week. The reason? Apparently, their school district-approved cheerleaders' uniforms were too risque and distracting for one of their male classmates. The sexist incident took place at Timpview High School in Provo, Utah, and it has the entire squad of cheerleaders fighting mad and fighting back.

According to a report by Fox 13 Now, the incident went down like this: the Utah high school cheerleaders have a tradition of wearing their cheer uniforms to class on game days. Apparently, last week a male classmate couldn't handle the view, and he reported his concerns to a Timpview High School teacher, administrator or other adult.

"We were told that we were not allowed to wear our uniforms anymore."

"Everyone on the team was quite upset."
"'Forty-four girls are being controlled. We're getting told what to do by this one boy,' said Georgia Bear, a Timpview cheerleader."

"I kind of felt like it's the school almost supporting a rape culture."

"The school was never going to make the cheerleading team...not wear their uniforms on game days."

The squad of Utah high school cheerleaders is standing behind its claim that they were told that they were no longer allowed to dress in their uniforms during class. And they are standing behind their story that the reason for the rule change was a single boy who reported "impure thoughts" after being exposed to 44 Utah high school cheerleaders dressed to cheer.

"One guy can't control 44 girls on our team."

Following the outrage of the Utah high school cheerleaders, and the sexist treatment they allegedly endured due to the "impure thoughts" of a single male classmate, the controversy surrounding the issue has made its way onto Mormon Internet forums.

"They are sexualizing a cheerleading uniform and I just think it's disgusting, they are objectifying these girls. It's sad that they even have to go through this, that they even have this as an issue, I mean, I thought we were past this."
"But...but...modesty. You know you females have control over us with your feminine wiles. You need to keep your wiles covered at all times. I'm not sure where the wile is, but it is showing...somehow."
"Cheerleaders were NOT allowed to wear their uniforms to school because they weren't inline with the dress code. Instead they all wore matching outfits."

"44 females should NOT bow down to ONE male because he MIGHT have impure thoughts. Take the guy out of there and let the cheerleaders do what they're supposed to do. It's not their fault what some random guy thinks when they're wearing their cheerleading uniforms. The uniforms are more modest than lots of other things I've seen young girls wear."

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