Tammy Kim: Hunter Finds Missing 26-Year-Old New Jersey Woman ‘Completely Naked’ In Woods

New Jersey police officials say that a hunter found a mentally ill woman, Tammy Kim, 26, lying in the middle of the woods, completely naked, after she went missing for 10 days, according to CBS New York.

Kim was last seen around 10 a.m. Thursday, September 1, after her father – whose name has not been released – dropped her off at a local coffee shop in Franklin.

When her father returned, she was nowhere to be found.

Later that day, surveillance footage captured Kim at a laundromat appearing “disoriented and confused,” according to her mother, Chris Kim.

After the woman was reported missing, relatives posted missing poster signs throughout the neighborhood in hopes of finding Kim, who reportedly suffers from a mental illness and had “been off her medication for autoimmune issues.”

Her parents told police that on the day she went missing, she wasn’t feeling well, which could have been a possible side effect when she opted to skip out on taking her medication.

Chris stated that she began “thinking that she [Kim] might have collapsed or injured somewhere not visible and needing to be found was my worst fear at that time and I was feeling so helpless and desperate.”

Not long after her disappearance, the artist and aspiring teacher’s cellphone and laptop were found just three miles from the coffee shop but there was still no sign of Kim.

Just 10 days after the woman went missing, a hunter reportedly found Kim alive, completely naked in the woods on the “first day of bow hunting season for deer in Sussex County.”

Initially, the hunter was unsure of what he was seeing until he took a step closer and realized there was a woman lying on the ground.

He immediately alerted police.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene and airlifted Kim to the Morristown Hospital, where she remains surrounded by family, according to the Daily Mail.

Detective Nevin Mattessich told reporters that after the missing woman was found alive in the woods, he stated that “she looked as good as someone could look being in the woods for as long as she was.”

“We don’t believe preliminary she was assaulted. She obviously didn’t appear fine, but no obvious signs of injuries initially.”

In a statement, Kim’s family wrote: “We are extremely happy and relieved to announce that Tammy was found alive this morning by a hunter, thanks to the hunting season that began today.”

“We are grateful for the law enforcement, family, friends, and volunteers who helped search for our daughter over the past ten days.”

However, the family added: “We ask for privacy and continued prayers as Tammy continues to slowly recover.”

Polly Crabb, who is Kim’s friend, created a Facebook page called Find Tam Tam after she went missing, which garnered 591 likes.

On the site, Kim’s mother posted an update on her condition, stating that “Tammy cannot eat solid food yet. Still in ICU. Mostly sleeping and resting. Doctors are taking their time and not doing anything that might add stress to her. She has a sitter by her 24/7 just in case.”

“Everyone at the hospital are so great. I’m so relieved that Tammy’s at that hospital.”

She later added: “I am so overwhelmed by all of your love and support and heartfelt prayers. I’ve experienced a few miracles in my not so short life before, but the past 11 days has been the most challenging and the most miraculous time of my life.”

Police say that they are investigating Kim’s disappearance, trying to uncover how she “managed to get so deep into the woods” and how long she was there.

[Image via Facebook / Chris Kim]