Fiona Apple Slams Tabloid Media, Singles Out TMZ And Perez Hilton [Video]

Fiona Apple is not the media’s biggest fan right now.

After her arrest for possession of hashish and weed earlier this month, the singer has lashed out at tabloid reporting of the incident. Unsurprisingly, considering TMZ and gossip maven Perez Hilton’s less than flattering coverage, Apple reserved most of her anger for these websites.

The 35-year-old’s rant took place at a recent concert in Clearwater, Florida. Apple’s seven minute rage-against-the-system was uploaded to YouTube on September 30. The clip shows Apple sitting on the stage floor railing against her critics in front of a supportive audience.

Calling the media “totally irresponsible,” Apple directed the first part of her monologue to Hilton:

“All right, this is all going to culminate in me actually talking to Perez Hilton and I’m sorry man, but you’re the only that has the guts to be a person rather than a like bunch of people like TMZ or whatever, I can give you that.”

The singer went on to say:

“I did the wrong thing … but I did myself a disservice by making the wrong choice because when you get bullied … you have a choice to either make yourself feel stronger sometimes, not all of the time.”

“I’ve given away my computer now because I cannot do it anymore. I’ve trying to keep track of all the f*****g things that are said. But I can’t do it so whoever’s gonna write and be mean, go ahead I’m not going to read it.“

Apple continued:

“But Perez Hilton, I should have never have seen this. But to hire “experts” to comment and say that I am sick is totally, totally irresponsible and dangerous and you should know better, and so should everybody who’s talking about me like that … And I’m not on any other drugs. I had some bourbon before I came out here. I’ve always been honest, why would I be dishonest about anything?”