‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Rumors: Will Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang Return In 2016 For The GA: Originals Storyline?

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 rumors are heating up as the season premiere nears. Actress Kelly McCreary, who plays Meredith’s half-sister Maggie, spoke to TV Guide, about the general theme of Season 13. The actress revealed that instead of focusing on the new characters like in past seasons, the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy will involve the remaining originals Alex Karev, Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey, and Richard Weber.

Of Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 13 rumors, McCreary said, “After such a long period of time and so many new people coming in and out, they remain the foundational characters of the show. We’re gonna be spending some more time with them to check in with where they are. The way that we spent time with Meredith last season, exploring the major shift in her life, the loss of Derek, I think we can expect to see those doctors being explored where they are in this moment.”

With such an emphasis on the originals in the upcoming season, Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 rumors are swirling about one particular original that might come back. Naturally, we’re talking about Dr. Cristina Yang. Viewers of the show will remember that the fan favorite left for a cushy job in Zurich, Switzerland, where former lover Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) created his own hospital to run. Dr. Burke, who now had a family, wanted to retire so he could spend more time with his loved ones, and he needed someone to take over his position as head of the hospital in Zurich. After some deliberation, Cristina accepted the position, and Sandra Oh was written out of Grey’s Anatomy.

So where does the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 rumors come into play? Well, since Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang departed, she has been brought up in the series by originals Meredith and Alex. When Meredith’s husband and fellow colleague Derek Shepherd died, it was suggested that Cristina Yang returned for his funeral, which is the reason why viewers never saw Derek put to rest in an episode, but rather a far away shot of people standing outside of a gravesite.

Check out Sandra Oh talking about her journey on Grey’s Anatomy.

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 rumor that has everyone talking spawned a new round of discussion after a Twitter user screen capped the alleged title of the second episode of the upcoming season. According to Twitter user The_GreyMethod, the second episode of GA’s Season 13 is titled “The Return of Cristina Yang.” Another Twitter user, Jean Cesar, said that this second episode will be directed by Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt. Sandra Oh has a special connection to Kevin McKidd, because his character, Owen Hunt, was married to Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s said that this episode in question will air on September 29.

Prior to the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 rumors, Shonda Rhimes brought back an original doctor to GA after they had left the show. As we mentioned, Dr. Preston Burke, who left at the end of Season 3 after he stood up Cristina at the alter, returned in 2014 to wrap up Sandra Oh’s storyline on Grey’s Anatomy.

Right now, Shonda Rhimes hasn’t cleared up these rumors on whether Yang will return for Season 13 of GA, but Oh said she has “no plans to return” to Grey’s right now.

While promoting her new film Catfight at the Toronto Film Festival, the actress told ET Canada, “I’ve gotta tell you those rumors, I don’t know who starts them but it really is tough. No, I have no plans to return to Grey’s anytime soon.”

Back in April, Sandra Oh wasn’t very direct about whether or not she would appear on the upcoming season.

The actress told the Los Angeles Times, “I love that there are rumors.”

What do you think about Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 rumors? Will Sandra Oh return as Cristina Yang?

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