Shevy McGiffin: Missing 13-Year-Old Girl Found Dead Near Pennsylvania River

Clarion County police officials say the search for missing 13-year-old Shevy Lynn McGiffin has come to a poignant end when her body was found near the Clarion River.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, on Friday, September 9, Shevy left her home in Clarion Township, Pennsylvania, around 7:15 p.m. to go to the Comet Food Warehouse and Dollar General on S. 5th Avenue to purchase a coloring book by foot.

When the teen failed to return, her mother – Tina Schneider – stated that she “had asked her dad if he’d seen her, and he said ‘no,’ so we went to look for her, and I haven’t seen her since then.”

After relatives reported the teen missing, an informal search party was held but there was still no sign of Shevy.

Tina turned to social media, discharging her frustration in a Facebook post, which stated, “It’s going on 48 hours now. I’m begging. Where ever Shevy McGiffin is please bring her home to her family.”

“Her brothers, I, her father, and her whole family and friends miss her more than anything in this whole world.”

“My kids are my world. My world right now is not complete without my baby girl,” added Tina. “I love you, Shevy.”

“God, please help bring her back to her family.”

Her post was shared 74 times and social media users offered kind words, saying, “I hope she is found. It is scary knowing that your child is missing” and sending prayers for the family.

However, just two days after the teen mysteriously disappeared in the dark, rainy night, a Clarion Volunteer Firefighter discovered her lifeless body in Trout Run near the Clarion River, 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Circumstances surrounding Shevy’s death has not been released, but her father – Andrew Schneider – stated that he believes his daughter was abducted.

Sources say that someone saw the missing girl talking to an older man in a “gray or brown Buick.”

“She’s a very lovable girl,” Schneider said as he broke down in tears. “She would never run away.”

“My feelings are, I don’t want to say this, but my feelings are she was taken.”

According to the Daily Mail, the store clerk told police officials that the missing Clarion Township teen did, in fact, buy the coloring book and afterward left the store.

Shevy’s – who was a seventh-grader at Clarion-Limestone High School – mother was devastated over the tragic death of her missing daughter, she turned to Facebook and asked everyone to leave her alone and to “never message me again.”

However, messages continued to pour in.

“Tina, sorry for your lost. I know prayers and words won’t help much. But just remember we are here for you if you need anything. (Hugs),” said Facebook user Paula Mae Young.

Another social media user, Jennifer Godinich, said, “So sorry, the pain and sadness must be unbearable. Please know there are many people out there that have you and your family in their thoughts, hearts, and prayers.”

Shevy’s great aunt, Barbara McGiffin, said, “She was a sweet girl. She had just been pushed from place to place in living. She went to Keystone and all the teachers down there enjoyed her. She was a shy child, she kept to herself.”

“Why this had to happen I don’t know, we don’t question the Lord on why things have to happen but I did.”

A relative, Kay Kay Callender, created a Go Fund Me page following the missing teen’s death to help pay for funeral expenses.

Thus far, the family has amassed nearly $5,000 in donations.

On the site, Shevy’s aunt – Pamela Goodman – wrote, “I want to thank everyone that has donated to my nieces’ fund. It is great to see so many good people out there to come together in a tragedy.”

“We all never think it will hit home. Well, it hit home very hard for us.”

Clarion County police officials say an autopsy is scheduled for Monday in Erie.

An investigation is ongoing.

[Image via Go Fund Me/Kay Kay Callender]